City High Accounting Rap

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Mr. Leman and his class rap about accounting!! Who knew it was so much fun! city high accounting rap. music, mixing and screenplay credits go to colin dodds….


Abhishek Yadav says:

It’s so entertaining way of Study. I am also use these type of activity to
making study more meaning full for understand the study of Accounting. I
would like to say to to all the teachers in the world. . .u should try
this!!!!!. . .it’s very Lovely and Great!! 

Amanda Challis Rodriguez says:

Great Video! What this teacher did with his class was nothing less than
Exceptional! So Cute!

lefthash says:

BWAHAHAHAHAH, that’s ridiculous. nice work Mr. Leman…that’s going on

Ian Chai says:

Haha, cool, AJ! You’ve come a long way since I knew you as a kid during my
college days ジ ☺ シ ☻ (I don’t know if you remember me… I was one of many
college students at your dad’s church…)

Arabesquian says:

Now I wish I went to City High instead of West High…

Abigail Pradarelli says:

omg this is so funny way to go aj CITY RULES!!!!! thumbs up if you agree

mike moore says:

aaaaajjjj Lehman. The best!!

megafluffybunny99 says:

@Arabesquian, Oh YA u do! GO CITY!

Phil Gillette says:

Fuck West.

Amber Sangalli says:

I so wish there were fun teachers like this when I was in school!!! Making
learning interesting by making a fool of yourself totally makes sense!!

dkhudson1 says:

This ROCKS! Way to go class! Accounting IS that much fun!

Andrew Leong says:

Lol hes lip syncing. The original is done by Colin Dodds.

ashcuevas83 says:

Love this AJ!! You prove that there are great teachers out there 🙂 Eva has
to watch this all the time because she wants to watch you dance 🙂

pmak6207 says:

Very good!!

shabbers24 says:


A BG says:

I wish you had been my accounting teacher. This is awesome!

nee nu says:

this is a nice rap, I am also watch it in my accounting class!

crayolarocksmyworld says:

This is sweet!

LilRadiance says:


MariHarms says:

Way to go City!!! Now who’s top

Abby Whittaker says:

West stop hating

Mary Claire says:

Can you make a song about the full coverage of Corporation?

J Leman says:

I want to be in this class!!

J Leman says:

This is the funniest video I have seen in a long time. Favorite part is the
top 3 jobs poster and when everybody runs out of the school doing the
famous finger point! Great stuff

J Leman says:

I want to be in this class!!

Music Closet says:

I was one of leman’s students. He even was our speaker at the 2011
graduation. great times 😀

shabbers24 says:


Mr. Colin Dodds says:

This is AMAZING!!!

Matthew Yeung says:

Mr. Doddes original video is sooooooooooo much better

TheScooper44 says:

Go west! Fuck shitty I mean city

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