Christmas Light Shows and More – 2007

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Last year, I rounded up some of the best (that I could find) Christmas Light Shows .. you know the ones .. lights on houses that are choreographed to music .. Anyway – here are some new ones I found around the ‘net and on YouTube. Naturally, this isn’t ALL of them, but it should keep you easily amused for a while …. 🙂

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, and All the Best in 2008!

From, HART (1-800-HART) – here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Enjoy after the bump.

MARTY’s Flight of the Christmas Tree

Creative and amazingly funny display of Christmas lights at its finest! You cant help but smile at the creativity! BRAVO

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS SHOW – Brainerd, MN – Winter Wonderland

(Please LEAVE A COMMENT if you’ve been to it.) This is the Sertoma Winter Wonderland Light Show in Brainerd / Baxter, Minnesota. It is set up at the Arboretum on Conservation Drive behind the Westgate Mall in town

Ochre Christmas Light Show

Fun Computer animated Christmas Light show done… (more)

Fun Computer animated Christmas Light show done to a techno version of Jingle Bells by Ochre. House is located in Valencia, CA near Helmers School

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Sparkling Christmas Lights Show..

Sunday November the 25th, HKDL presents the new “Sparkling Christmas Lights Show”.

Wizard of Winter by Amazing Christmas 2007

Computerized Christmas light show by Amazing Auto Glass Chatsworth Ga.light o rama software

Christmas Light Show – 1 of 6

WWW.RUSHLIGHTS.COM – 32 channel light-o-rama plus FM transmitter

Christmas Light Show – 2 of 6

Christmas Light Show – 3 of 6

Christmas Light Show – 4 of 6

Christmas Light Show – 5 of 6

Christmas Light Show – 6 of 6

Other Christmas Stuff

Recently, I created a thread over at .. called: Christmas Greetings around the ‘Net .. (Flash, Powerpoint, Etc) .. Here are ALL the links presented in this thread, up to this point in time:









Sadly, it was just me (PetLvr) and Chris (crkian) who thought of these links ..


Which one(s) did you like the best?


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