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Although this 1800HART blog has been quiet during 2014 .. I have continued to blog on another blog of mine called “ABITPAC” (pronounced: ab-it-pac)

ABITPAC = Accounting, Bookkeeping, Income Tax Preparation And Consulting

ABITPAC (which is easier to say and write out) represents what I do “offline” in my HBS Management Consultants business and have been included on my billing invoices and taglines since 1991. I registered domain back in November 2010 and hoped to make a transition to a new website, but when my father passed away on Christmas morning 2010 .. my blogging work ethics started to decline. However, I have been posting on this blog during 2014 even though I haven’t posted any CRA/IRS news on this 1800HART blog.



This blog is almost entirely filled with videos about accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation and business consulting topics based on random criteria found in the YouTube Library. And, what does “Random Criteria” mean exactly? Well, most of the content generated may have been purposely selected albeit from specified search results with some automation involved, and means that even with the best of intentions there is a possibility some videos may not be as appeared or “off-topic”. I have been diligent in my attempts to remove all videos that fall under that category. The good news (or bad news) may be that all videos are not border controlled .. and you may find topics related to Canada only, USA only, UK only, Australia Only .. and so on – for instance, income tax topics, that may not be appropriate for your area. And other videos may content content that appeal to all areas of the world, like GAPP and bookkeeping and new developments. The site is still under development and I need a little more work over there (about page, contact page, policies, etc) but it is on my ToDo list!

Also – check out our ABITPAC Facebook page and give us a LIKE, and enable notifications to receive updates and new videos into your Facebook timeline!



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