I’m Officially On Vacation Yes .. I’m on vacation now, and away from my business – on my laptop. Thank goodness I have hi-speed internet access with my EVDO card! I thought I would do a little experiment. I have painfully over the years setup my Eudora home email program with about 300 folders, and filters galore .. and rely much on my Spamnix add-on to sort the almost 1200 emails I receive a day. Unfortunately, I don’t have that on my laptop – and I had two choices: 1) Copy my desktop Eudora on a flashcard and install it [More]
I’ve been estimating that I receive approximately 1400 emails per day … but, really I haven’t checked in a long while, so I thought I would do that today. July 18, 2007 * 1,187 emails received that day June 26, 2008 * 1,224 emails received that day Surprisingly … it would appear that the average emails I have been receiving in the past 344 days has only increased 3.12% (1224-1187)/1187 Also suprisingly .. that I have increased my filters and new folders in my mailbox by 17.33% (325-277)/277 Is your spam and email under control? or out of control? I [More]
It was December 2, 2007 since I’ve emptied the “trash” folder in my Eudora program. I remember vividly, because I blogged about it to remind me! Since then – 148 days later .. it would seem that I have averaged 129,199/148 =~ 873 spam trashy emails per day. That’s interesting to me, because everytime I check to see how many emails I received in any given day it is well over 1,100 count. That would seem to me that my filter is routing a lot of other garbage all over the place, or I ignore or there really is about [More]
The following news was released on the Canada News site … December 20, 2007 Ottawa – Canada Post wishes to advise Canadians that advertisements recently published in various newspapers and on the Internet, offering employment opportunities with the corporation, are fraudulent. An investigation by Canada Post’s Security and Investigation Services has revealed that these fraudulent ads direct applicants to a “Mystery Shopping Application Form” where unsuspecting individuals are asked to complete the form and provide personal information. The form suggests that the employer is Canada Post and displays Canada Post’s corporate trade-mark logo. It is believed that the advertisements are [More]
Well, surprising .. it’s still the same ‘ole usuals … #5 ….. CIALIS SPAM – WITH 769 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #4 VIAGRA SPAM – WITH 1537 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #3 PENIS SPAM – WITH 2039 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #2 PEN!S SPAM – WITH 2386 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #1 MEGADIK SPAM – WITH 4153 SPAM EMAILS That’s 10,884 SPAM emails received in the month of November 2007 from these 5 spammer keywords alone .. or roughly, 362 spam emails a day on average THANKS A LOT – YOU BASTARDS By the way .. that was out of a total 30,772 emails [More]
Reposted from HBSMC.com I just noticed in my email TRASH folder there has been a LOT (I mean hundreds!) of rejected emails coming back from people in VACATION MODE …. I can only assume THOUSANDS or more? have gone through. They would have the reference email [some fictitious name] cowhbsmcnid (at) hbsmc (dot) com * I assure you – that is not me. This is just one of the sample of details of where those emails are coming … note the IP address on the returned email from one person that was spammed by this account: Received: from [] by [More]
Last Thursday, July 18, 2007 .. I received 1187 emails. Now that I’m taking my laptop to the beach, and accessing email using EVDO internet access, I don’t think I need to be wasting time and access downloading all of these emails .. so, I’ve decided to have a new plan for my emails – in case it is using up my 500 MB download limit with EVDO access. * THE OLD PLAN: It was simple, I had only a few good domains that I wanted to use and many specific names for each one .. all my emails were [More]
Since about mid-September 2006 .. I’ve been slowly trying to figure out ways to reduce the amount of SPAM messages in my Eudora InBox. Back then, I was averaging about 400-500 emails per day in total, and by late November it was closer to 650-750 count .. EVERY DAY. But, it’s all part of being online I figure .. and it doesn’t really bother me … much! You see, I have spam filters in my Eudora Lite software (SPAMNIX) .. my ISP also has some spam and anti-virus software installed .. and with my hundreds of FILTERS in my email [More]
Thank-You Eric Dunlap for your Spam Table .. it must have taken a lot of work, but a good reading! I was wondering if anybody actually calls (270) 818-7244 for a Fake Diploma
I received a phone call from my ISP#1 .. Blacksun.ca over in Saskatchewan .. They host my mega account of the PetLvr.com domain. This account includes many sub-domain and domain aliases .. like this one! This 1800HART.com domain is a domain alias for another sub-domain. I know it gets confusing at times, because I actually host HBSMC.com (my business account) on my other ISP#2 server .. and http://PetLvr.com/hbsmc/blog/ is the originating source for http://1800HART.com/blog/ (I’ve duplicated the root to avoid confusion of the passings of clients to this site. ANYWAY .. http://HARTandYVONNE.com is also another domain that is aliased under [More]
That’s right .. I said “CONTACT FORM SPAM” … not “COMMENT SPAM” I have no idea why people would try to spam blogs through their contact form. Basically, if you have a wordpress blog .. you can get the WP – Contact Form Plugin and activate it. Rather than placing your email address anywhere on your blog (for spammers to pick up and spam you) .. there is a neat little form where people can contact you. The information is emailed directly to you by your wordpress blog, and you do not have to worry about giving your email away [More]
The SPAM started November 29, 2006 at 1:38pm …. Not that it really has affected me that much – as 100% of these emails are being picked up by my Eudora Spamnix Filter and then gets redirected into my JUNK Folder automatically. It’s still annoying though! From: “OTC Financial network” [bogus email see below] Subject: {Spam?} EQSE News Spam detection software, running on the system “ex15.blacksun.ca”, has identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn’t spam) or label similar future email. If you have any [More]
Investing in stock symbol CNPM? (now CNPM.PK on OTC Market) Today – it’s “last” shows it $6.00 .. what a joke! * DO NOT INVEST From tips Received in your Email! (Do I have to say that?) I’ve been getting quite a bit of spam lately, with the subjects like… It’s Abby 🙂 It’s Abdul 🙂 It’s Ada 🙂 It’s Adrian 🙂 It’s Al 🙂 It’s Alex 🙂 It’s Alexandria 🙂 etc etc .. and other names … like: Barbra, Benito, Bethany, Beverly, Carey, Carlos, Cassandra, Cesar, Charlie, Chuck, Claude, Cornelia, Curtis, Darcy, Dee, Della, Denis, Dino, Donald, Donnell, Earl, [More]
I’ve already mentioned that I probably receive between 400-500 emails every day. This is about my wife’s email account. She has her own work email, for work related email .. but she isn’t online much at home. I have almost 40 domains now .. and I gave her a few email addresses over the time and last 5 years ..and basically 4 of them still exist today on two domains. Really, she never uses them – all except one that is .. which is used as a registeration email for personal stuff like EA Games, Sims2 registrations, Addition Elle subscriptions [More]
Well .. it’s official .. I’m now averaging getting at least 12 SPAM emails with this subject heading (with random lettering between the PHA and RMACY) … My Eudora Spamnix filter has pretty much been 100% correct in transferring these spam emails directly to my JUNK folder, which I then trash .. but Here’s what I find odd about these emails. THIS IS HOW IT LOOKS IN MY EMAIL PREVIEW THIS IS HOW THAT SAME SENTENCE IS REALLY TYPED You can try this by hiliting and copy/paste .. just don’t click on any links! Hi All yo c ur P [More]
My Spamnix add-on module to Eudora works great and practically captures 100% of the spamI receive everyday. But, I still like to look at most of the daily crap I received .. and .. You just have to laugh sometimes … 1) Email from: japanlottery@mxs.de >> From the Japan Lottery in Germany (.de domain) 2) The Winning numbers drawn June 8, 2006 = 9 0 9 16 28 28 >> That’s right – 9 picked twice, 28 also picked twice and the number zero and 16 only once It must be one of those “New Age” lotteries….. ATTENTION: SPAMMERS .. [More]
Heads up from: The Blog Herald TIP #1 – Do NOT hire lawyers who do stuff like this … Read BoingBoing’s blog .. Hideous company sends Boing Boing a pre-emptive nastygram … Baker & McKenzie, be on alert: henceforth, Boing Boing will be actively monitoring your website to identify dumbass activity and will, if necessary, take appropriate action to point out instances of wasting clients’ money by sending out unnecessary and obnoxious warning letters.” (Thanks, Scott!) That’s funny. Go Get ’em BoingBoing! NOTE: My father-in-law is quite interested in watching FIFA World Cup “live” and following all the action .. [More]
This morning .. like I do every morning (besides scratch, splash and flush) .. I grabbed a cup of coffee and then headed to my computer to start my day. And, like I normally do .. I check my email first thing in the morning. Today I received 2713 Emails I lost control of my computer this morning. Not only was I receiving a bunch of junk emails … my ‘trash’-box in my Eudora program needed to be REBUILT …. Needless to say .. everytime it tried to rebuild itself, it ended up to be NOT RESPONDING .. and I [More]
Dear Scum Sucker at http://mail.filteredweb.net/~testing/ YOU SUCK If you are receiving any emails from “postcards.com” … Careful! Don’t click on anything! QUIT SPAMMING ME Above is the fake link that the email secretly displays .. Naturally I cautious and can’t be sure if that is a virus or what – but I can assure you one thing …. IT’s SPAM! SPAM: ———————— Spamnix Spam Report ————————- SPAM: Spamnix identified this message as spam. This report shows which SPAM: rules matched the message and how many points each rule contributed. SPAM: SPAM: Content analysis details: (9.2 hits, 5.0 required) SPAM: 5.4 [More]
Oh. This SPAM email message is now arriving back into my IN-Box (blah,blah,blah – here’s what was at the end of that email message) SPAM: ———————— Spamnix Spam Report ————————- SPAM: Spamnix identified this message as spam. This report shows which SPAM: rules matched the message and how many points each rule contributed. SPAM: SPAM: Content analysis details: (16.9 hits, 5.0 required) SPAM: 2.4 GET_PAID BODY: Get Paid SPAM: 1.5 EARN_MONEY BODY: Message talks about earning money SPAM: 2.7 GUARANTEED_STUFF BODY: Guaranteed Stuff SPAM: 1.0 NO_QS_ASKED BODY: Doesn’t ask any questions SPAM: 0.3 RISK_FREE BODY: Risk free. Suuurreeee…. SPAM: 0.5 [More]
If you don’t know what “PHISHING” is … click on this link for more information, and to read the rest of the article in the box… Phishing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This phishing attempt, disguised as an official email from a bank, attempts to trick the bank’s members into giving away their account information by “confirming” it at the phisher’s linked website.In computing, phishing is a form of social engineering, characterised by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, [More]
Re: Your website is interesting … WooHoo! My Website is interesting! According to the subject of many emails I receive each day Charity/Non-Profit Organization Contact: The NEW YEAR is Here… NOW IS THE TIME to Show What You Have to Offer the World Celebrating Our 10th Year of Charity Emailings! Click to Advertise Your Site to 3,000,000 Internet Users = F-R-E-E TODAY ONLY = ..as a new year thank you to the world and all the good that nonprofits and charities are doing to assist society, our corporation is doing what it can to help and has decided to give [More]
Is it time for your christmas Vacation Mr. Allen? Need another $24,000 in 24 hours? … Well .. you are not going to get it from me! Please Stop Spamming me 20 times a day!!
Okay. I think receiving this spammed email message 8 times per day for every email address I own is quite EVIL of you, and I do not approve. No! I will not UNSUBSCRIBE so you know my email address is real! I don’t hate Santa .. I hate you! SHOO! Okay. Does it sounds like a worthwhile cause? I am not sure. You go to SentBySanta.com . Then you fill out a form and for $10.00 .. well, you can send a “Personal Letter From Santa” to anybody, presumably a child. Okay. Is it me? Their page sucks – it’s [More]