It’s almost December and I will be updating this blog more frequently with interesting TAX news tips that I have received over the past few months, as well as some interesting TAX news and tips you should be aware for 2012. Follow HBS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (HBSMC/1800HART) ON FACEBOOK HBS Management Consultants (1800HART) on Facebook I have combined all my “hart” blogs to feed into wordpress into the above facebook page. Perhaps at a later point in time when I have a gabillion subscribers I will segregate into several pages, but for the moment it includes automated RSS feed posts from [More]
I wrote a post back in April 2008 about twitter .. and today, in January 2009 I find myself using it more and more each day. Although I do not use the program application TWHIRL anymore .. (Adobe AIR eats up a lot of my resources) .. I do share my time on twitter on iTweet which looks and feels like twhirl. I also use the basic web interface and a firefox extension addon called “TwitterBar“. Please follow me on twitter! I have 3 twitter accounts now: PetLvr – this is my main twitter account with the most followers [More]
* http:// According to the “HELP” section of Entrecard … What is Entrecard? * Entrecard is a blogging network. * You can drop your card to show other bloggers that you visited their site. * Other sites can drop their card on your site too, and you can check them out. * Entrecard uses a currency – Entrecard Credits (EC for short). * You can use this currency to buy adverts on other sites. * We also have forums that you can participate in. That’s just a brief summary. For more information on how to use Entrecard, go back [More]
This is not a tutorial on how to use Twitter, or an argument “for” or “against” people who are using Twitter .. but rather this is just an article about how HART (aka ME) is using Twitter for my business and for fun and mindless fraternization with people out here on the internet Twitter: What Is It? – If you go to this site for the first time .. you see a phrase on the home page .. “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers [More]
I didn’t win. But a big congrats to Andrew Dubber – who did win … I suppose I will just do what I did last year .. after being unable to attend SOBcon07 – I’ll just avoid all blogs and people talking about the SOBcon08 event in Chicago May 2-3-4, 2008 .. until about June 1st when, the hooplah and excitement dies down a little .. And, in the meantime .. I can concentrate (as I should be) on Income Tax Preparation over the next few months .. and the Year Ends .. and maybe get back to sleeping (just [More]
What Is This Contest And Who Can Enter? Blog Catalog, SOBCon08, and Authority Blogger have come together and put forth a contest offer that I couldn’t refuse to enter, with a deadline of March 31, 2008. * About The Prizes … 1) $1000 budget to pay for SOBCon08 registration and travel expenses which also including various goodies 2) A hour of consulting with Chris Garrett, face-to-face if possible. 3) The complete Authority Blogger online course when it launches. 4) An introduction to all of the speakers at the event. * How To Enter … 1) Write a blog post explaining [More]
If you want to follow me – I’m “PetLvr” … or, Also .. I’m using the application from …it’s just like any other chat program (MSN Messenger, Google Talk, etc) and much better than the web interface
October marks the second anniversary of my HART-Empire Network and I published my Year 2 in Review post over on the HART-Empire blog. There are many people and bloggers out there ALSO celebrating their “Blogiversary” in October 2007 .. and most will hopefully be over at Liz Strauss’ chatting on an all-day Open-Mike comment day! An Ode To Liz Strauss If you don’t know who Liz Strauss is, and you blog .. then you are blogging in all of the wrong places! Liz has always been one of my favorite bloggers on the internet. When it was “cool” to [More]
Well .. I’ve got 5 types of folders in my Bloglines filled with RSS Feeds (1) ARTICLES FOR EACH BLOG TOPIC These are feeds of articles that are subject oriented, and affect one of my blog. I might name a folder called “ARTICLES For” etc. There may be searches included for specific keywords that are around the ‘net, or a collection of other people’s sites and other tidbits that helps me blog about that topic. Generally I don’t open the folder for review until I’m ready to deal with everything inside the folder, because with Bloglines .. I try [More]
I’m Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal’s Life Having many blogs in my network, I feel completely justified in promoting this event on every domain and blog that I have at my disposal! Please help me pass the word around the internet, and if you can contribute .. please do! On September 27, 2007 .. a wonderful thing will happen. Bloggers from all around the world will be “Blogging For A Cause”. I will be participating with my fellow bloggers, and am asking you to help me participate in this event. I will be blogging to .. [More]
Do you need to find me? Emailing me usually works best .. hart@[any of my domains] .. Toll-Free Fax Line 1-800-613-2087 would be your next best bet .. or you can find me on one of the following social sites and NUDGE,NUDGE me with a private comment or something .. I dunno, wut-eh-vrrrr ~~ SO: add me to your friend list, your contact list, your enemy list, spammer list, (wait – no, scratch that – please do NOT add me to any SPAMMER lists, thank-You) or even as your beneficiary to your estate! It’s all good. I try to go [More]