Amber Weinberg has prepared a detailed post and review showing examples how to keep an online budget with the Snowmint Creative Solutions Budget and Graphics Software. It’s tough enough to budget money correctly when you’re on a regular income, but it gets really tough when your income is irregular and unpredictable. What do you do with all that money you make, now that you’re a fabulous freelancer? Do you throw it in a bank account and pray there’s enough for that flat screen you’ve been wanting and this month’s rent? Are you saving or always coming up short with your [More]
Chris Garrett is opening the doors for a “Pre-Launch” to his upcoming Authority Blogger Course. CHECK IT OUT – AND SEE ME OVER THERE! You can see me in the private forum area, as I have signed up for this course and hope to learn much and gain many new perspectives, networking friendships and even opportunities for expansion of both my skillset and my HART-Empire Network. I’m .. PetLvr .. in the forums! Don’t forget to say hi! I normally wouldn’t recommend things like this – so I can keep all this knowledge to myself 🙂 – but, this is [More]
I had a little fun with a “new toy” this weekend .. I was playing with the site .. it’s a site where you can make a short video for 30 seconds, in about five minutes! It’s quite simple to use – here’s the promo video (it’s been around for a while) I personally found that 30 seconds was not enough to present a statement or visual promotion of anything, so when I created an account – I upgraded to a $30 “All Access Pass” for a year. There are also full commercial licenses available up to $249 per [More]
I touched on this topic last month about this product and it was selling for $299 USD. I just received an email announcing their “July 4th” Promotion – purchase this product before July 4, 2008 and you receive a $100.00 discount and the price is $199.00 USD! Just click the ad below .. and you will be transported to their site. Note: This is an affiliate commission link – I do earn a small commission on referral sales.
I must say that this looks like an impressive product. You plug it in your lighter and then it keeps track of your mileage automatically using GPS. You still have to tell it when you are driving personal miles or business miles, but this time .. all you do is push a button, instead of keeping a manual log book. A lot of self-employed people use their vehicle to claim automobile expenses. This includes gas, oil, car washes, repairs and maintenance, licensing and insurance, leasing costs and even interest on car loans and other incidental vehicle costs like Motor League, [More]
Effective January 1, 2008 … I have decided to give up my Toll-Free Fax Line and use my local phone number as my fax number, as well Since I went out on my own, I have been using TELUS FAX .. which is a fax to email service. I actually do have a 5-in-1 multi function fax machine/scanner/copier/printer/and something else/ .. but I only use it for sending faxes out on my regular home “lan” line. It’s great to get fax to email .. it comes in a .tiff format, and I don’t have to print everything. I get to [More]
I took my laptop to the cottage this weekend, and did a little work. WHAT A PLEASURE! I actually did some work! The laptop battery, fully charged, lasts for an estimated 5-1/2 hours .. but, I had it plugged in while I was using it and keeping it charged. In my house, the built-in wi-fi/bluetooth/wireless detector recognized my own network and hooked up to my wireless G broadband router immediately. Actually, it also noticed a few other networks in my general area too! That’s with no extra wireless card inserted into the laptop .. just turn it on – and [More]
Good News: Part 3 – My Laptop Arrived Today! Yaaaaay .. it’s a beaut! I’ll take pictures when I set it back up again 😀 Bad News: EVDO Revolutionery Obstacles Naturally, the second thing I did after receiving my new laptop today (the first being me taking it out of the box) was to install the software and check out the EVDO Wireless broadband internet connectivity. Well .. the light was on the card, showing power, but the software was saying there was no power. Rather than fiddle with it, I decided to just pack it up and take it [More]
Let me refresh: * I ordered a new laptop(Note 1) on Thursday, May 31, 2007 from Dell Canada * I signed up for EVDO Monday Morning June 4, 2007 * Later that evening of Monday June 4, 2007 I received .. “Part 1 – The Accessories”, which was a 120 GB external portable hard drive with USB .. here’s the picture: * Today June 7, 2007 I received another package .. “Part 2 – The Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse”. I don’t really know why they shipped this one separately however .. a separate invoice came with the return address of [More]
In my quest to get internet access at the beach this summer .. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to “Join the EVDO Revolution” .. because … *Mobility High Speed is the latest evolution of North America’s leading cellular digital technology standard * I think that’s pretty cool * Dagnabit! I need Internet Access at Victoria Beach! Today I officially signed up for EVDO I went to MTS Connect Centre at Polo Park Shopping Center because that’s where I deal with all of my accounts .. my MTS Tv, my MTS Home Phone lines, my MTS DSL lines .. and [More]
Peter Merrick (BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI) .. President of Merrick Wealth Management, a boutique financial planning, employee and executive benefit consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario .. guest authored an entry here in the 1-800-HART Blog back in July 2005 called Individual Pension Plans – Upgrade Yourself. He had informed me that the book on Individual Pension Plans that he has been working on for the last few years, has finally been published through Lexisnexis Canada has gone to the presses.
I have added a nice little forum to this blog .. 1-800-HART-FORUM If you didn’t know, I’ve had this page in my sidebar called 1-800-ASK-HART where if anybody had an accounting and bookeeping or personal or corporate income tax question .. all they had to do was post a comment and ASK HART (me) and HART (me) will find the answers for you. There hasn’t been too much activity on that page. I signed up at the website almost immediately after I first discovered their site, referred in my bloglines from Darren on his blog last summer … [More]
Found this site from Damian Wild, Editor in Chief of Accountancy Age , in his Accountancy Matters Blog .. He writes…. came across a great website today – CPAPodcasts. It features hundreds of links to accountancy related audio and video on the web, from the serious to the surreal. So if you are looking for footage of accountants dancing at office parties or business insights from Deloitte I suggest taking a look. Actually .. I did listen to about 3 podcasts .. they seemed a little interesting .. meaning that they were okay and nothing like the greatness of “sliced [More]
If you are a registered business that charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) on your sales or services .. you already know that this is TRUST money, and that you are only collecting these taxes on behalf of the government. You also probably know that when you can collect GST … you are allowed to deduct most or all of the GST that your business has paid, called “input tax credits” (ITC)s. I’ve discussed previously of ways to help make sure that all your GST ITC’s are recorded in your accounting system or by your accountant. For eligible businesses, you [More]
Actually, that’s what the newsletter said …. I must have sent the BDC another Bank or Mortgage Confirmation, because today I received their Summer 2006 Newsletter (aka Junk Mail) …. It’s nice when bankers think you can bring them more traffic .. Actually – you know what? I hope I can do that .. It’s always good to network with bankers when you are in business. NEW BDC PUBLICATION: BDC is pleased to launch it’s new quarterly newsletter designed to give you insight into our specialized business solutions, so that you can offer even more to your clients. Our first [More]
THE LINK LEAK PROJECT I have been trying to participate in spreading the “Link Leak Virus” around, but in my own unusual way. I started off with The Pet Related Link Leak Project on my PetLvr blog.. and then did The Accounting And Bookkeeping And Income Tax Link Leak Project earlier on this blog .. so now I am looking deep into my and see what else I can leak .. and so, here it goes! Here Are Some Small Business Related Blogs That HART Reads (from his Bloglines) NOTE: Granted, there are many aspects of small business that [More]
September 22, 2005 egads… launched August 18, 2005 made $76,000 in 30 days. selling 1 pixel for $1 usd but, you have to buy it in $100 lots. That was an email that I sent my wife .. amazed that Brit ALEX TEW came up with an ingenious way to make money online .. and when I first heard about this. If you haven’t heard the story, you can either visit Alex’s website and blog or, even read up about in in wikipedia over HERE. By January 11, 2006 the final tally was $1,037,100 USD .. in 146 days [More]
Well, I was low on business cards anyway… and today I got sick of crossing out my OLD cell phone number and writing my new Cell phone number on the back – So I printed up new business cards. I print all of my own business cards, using a template I designed on MS Publisher, and printing them on “Avery #38873 Clean Edge Linen Textured Business Cards”, off of my HP Deskjet 990cxi professional series Ink Jet printer. While I was at it .. (for fun) .. I created a New! Business card for HART-Empire Network .. I only [More]
Comparing “Net Income” and “Cash Flow” is like comparing “Apples” to “Oranges”. These are two different concepts. You can have a positive cash flow and still lose money. You might be experiencing a negative cash flow but are making money and profits. Sometimes your banker or investor will ask you to prepare a basic business plan and a Pro-Forma Cash Flow. There’s a reason they want to see this Pro-Forma statement. They want to know if you have the ability to generate cash in your business to pay back their loan and/or return on their investment. Except for the desire [More]