Amber Weinberg has prepared a detailed post and review showing examples how to keep an online budget with the Snowmint Creative Solutions Budget and Graphics Software. It’s tough enough to budget money correctly when you’re on a regular income, but it gets really tough when your income is irregular and unpredictable. What do you do with all that money you make, now that you’re a fabulous freelancer? Do you throw it in a bank account and pray there’s enough for that flat screen you’ve been wanting and this month’s rent? Are you saving or always coming up short with your [More]
My father-in-law is Herbert König, proprietor and owner of Corydon Clock Repair here in Winnipeg. He recently turned 73 years old and has been working full time in his leased premises 5-6 days a week, commuting back and forth from his apartment. His stated hours are Tuesday to Friday, Noon to 6pm .. but he was often at his shop before 6am starting his day repairing clocks. Other days he was available by appointment only, but sometimes went into the shop to catch up on his work. He is a busy man! On November 7, 2007 at 10:30am in the [More]
Peter Merrick (BA, FMA, CFP, FCSI) .. President of Merrick Wealth Management, a boutique financial planning, employee and executive benefit consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario .. guest authored an entry here in the 1-800-HART Blog back in July 2005 called Individual Pension Plans – Upgrade Yourself. He had informed me that the book on Individual Pension Plans that he has been working on for the last few years, has finally been published through Lexisnexis Canada has gone to the presses.
Last year .. on November 27, 2005 .. I blogged about some Year-End Tax Planning Considerations for 2005 that individuals could review and consider. This year .. I thought I would just post some links “OUT THERE” that I have found around the ‘www … from sources that I frequently read or follow throughout the year. PLEASE … if you have written or know of other links out there .. can you post the link in my comments below? I’m sure others will greatly appreciate you as much as HART will! 🙂 And .. if I find anymore links .. [More]
It’s that time of year again …. Generally, December 31 marks the deadline for transactions that you can incur that will affect your taxable income position for the year. While tax planning strategies should be considered throughout the calendar year, it is possible to establish some beneficial strategies may reduce your taxable income position for 2005. As November 2005 nears a close, that time is now. Every situation is different. Before you can come up with any Year End Tax Planning Consideration, it is a good idea to just pull out your last year’s Personal Income Tax Return and have [More]
I’ve been on the 5 year Income Tax Plan (in a general sense) (1) Firstly -“Oh Crap – How did I get into this mess” phase (2) Secondly – “Face The Music – Payment Plan and catch up on the arrears” phase (3) Filing on time! With Respectable payment plan or, not even being asked for one! (4) Filing on time – with payment on filing? Am I finally current? (5) Have instalments and RRSP contributions before I even file my tax return! (Actually, I’m somewhere ‘averaging’ out between options (3) (4) and (5) simultaneously) This post is about RRSP [More]
A relative of mine will be officially retiring December 1, 2005 as “Early Retirement” due to health reasons, among other reasons. This person will turn 65 in calendar year 2006. I thought I would write an article about CPP Retirement and its benefits and some other information that might be useful to you, especially if you are approaching the early retirement age of 60. Canada Pension Plan Retirement Benefits Everyone is eligible to receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits when they retire provided that they make at least one contribution to the Canada Pension Plan during their work career. This [More]
I would describe “PLANNING AND CONSULTATION” as a necessary function every potential business person should consider, with the assistance of your accountant. Before you embark on a business venture, you should know if your business will be successful. In addition to the planning stages of your business, implementation and monitoring will also be a vital key to your success. I can help you with: Financial Forecasts and Planning Budgets and Cash Flow Projections Break-Even Calculations General Business Consulting Take care. HART 1-800-HART