GOODBYE Stanley Bostitch B-8 Half Strip Stapler! HELLO Paper Pro One Finger 15 Sheet Power Stapler! DESCRIPTION: This nonelectric desktop stapler delivers 25 lb of power — enough to drive a staple through 15 sheets of paper — with just the press of a finger. Inside every PaperPro stapler is an exclusive staple-driving mechanism that converts 6.2 lb of finger pressure into 25 lb of staple-driving power! It’s compact, so it’s easy to store. It also stands either horizontally or vertically for added flexibility. Uses standard 1/4″ staples and contains a convenient “staple remaining” window, so you know when it’s [More]
In my line of business .. these are the two most important things that I have to worry about (besides actually doing the work, that is) … * Keeping track of my time for billing purposes * Keeping track of the work and tasks that I have to complete I’m pretty good with keeping track of my time … (see how I do it here) .. but I’ve been struggling with keeping track of the work coming in. You see .. last March 2006 my ToDo95 Software crashed .. I had been using that software since for almost a decade [More]
After 7+ months using SWIFT .. I have decided that this software has basically made my life miserable, by not being user friendly enough to suit my needs and use it efficiently! Basically .. I need a TO-DO List with the following characteristics: * Lite version – in resident memory, I don’t want comprehensive software installation * Ability to have unlimited To-Do entries * Ability to create a reasonably amount of different categories * Ability to prioritize, and order To-Do List in both the order of that received and by due dates * Ability to archive history after competion of [More]
This is a followup to yesterday’s Coat Check Please! At Least That’s What My Wife Said To Me This Morning …. Okay .. So, I showed you the tools … now I will show you the results of what I did last night after dinner while I was watching T.V. (1) Survivor (2) My Name Is Earl / double header and (3) Stargate SG-1 Basically, everything for 2006 relating to my mail (except the actual cash receipts, debit receipts, and credit card receipts still to be sorted) .. is in the burgundy $6.57 CDN filing folder in alphabetical order. When [More]
Loose Receipts It’s that time of year again .. to be sure that I can organize all my receipts .. as I do every year! For 2006 … I finally sorted out the cash receipts into specific envelopes up to the end of September 2006 .. and, as you can tell – I’m not that current. This is how I do that in the LAZIEST way possible: I have this black bin on top of my fridge, and every day I put the cash receipts, debit receipts and credit card receipts loosely into the tub. I have two of the [More]
From My Bloglines If you hadn’t noticed, I use and prefer to use Bloglines as my online RSS feed reader. I haven’t been at the site since at least before July 28th, so I’m slowly catching up what’s out there since I got back. There’s a lot! Here’s something else that caught my eye. The – Home-Based Business Articles site writes about the Top 10 Mistakes Home-Based Business Owners Make. Seems like sound advice, even if you don’t think it’s a mistake! I thought I would jot down a few thoughts how each relates to my own business, as [More]
I have lots of data on my computer. I keep all my phone numbers, my time records, my accounts receivable and billings information, my client’s data files for each year for each software that I use, my email records, my wedding pictures, my .mp3 and video collection, and other crap that is just too much to mention. I am quite organized on my computer .. in fact, this is how I organize my C: Drive …. I am placing a | instead of the backslash so it will show up in here. |data| Generally, I keep generic folders under this [More]
Top Five Reasons Why A Business Might Want To Use A Petty Cash Fund 1) The owner does not have to be available 24 hours to write a cheque for every little expense all of the time 2) To have the ability to make change for your customer wanting to pay an invoice on account 3) To reimburse an employee replenishing office supplies they had purchased for the business 4) To systematically keep track of all cash purchases in one logical place 5) To give an employee greater responsibility in helping running the affairs of the business Top Five Reasons [More]
I charge my time out by the hour. That translates to every 6 minutes counting as 0.1 hr that I can bill out. If you also bill out your time on an hourly basis, instead of a fee-basis, you probably have some system in place to keep track of your time. It’s so easy to get caught up in other matters these days … especially with the Internet, blogging, family life, pets, good weather, and so on and so on. We expect payment for our services and it’s only fair that our clients pay us what we bill them on [More]
As discussed in a previous blog entry, I really do have a completely insane and overly organized chart of accounts for myself and my wife. I keep track of everything. I obtain receipts for everything. It is a hellish nightmare getting current and I usually file our income tax returns on the evening that they are due! Every year I make it a point to include everything, and once I have everything documented .. I have a complete set of financial statements. These statements include: All of our major assets, at cost, including our home and stuff in it All [More]
I prefer to pay cash for all my expenses, because it is simpler for me to keep track of my own expenses, and record them in my own computerized financial statements. I am my own “SHOE BOX” client. Yes – I have a computerized financial statement and G/L set-up for myself. This not only includes my business income and expenses and my business assets, but I also keep track of my non-business assets and other personal expenditures such as: tax deductible items, like interest on investments, medical and donations, etc non-deductible interest and expenses similar to my own business expenses [More]