June 1, 1967 .. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was released … http://Beatles.com http://www.thebeatles.com/sgtpepper/ (in case you were curious) update: Thanks JOE for heads up!
Off-Topic: So here I am .. thinking that I haven’t burned a new CD for my car in about 2 years. So, I load my MusicMatch and start to ponder … What Type Of Music Do I Want To Listen To? Well .. then it hits me … How about all of songs from the Top 10 Greatest Albums of Time? Fortunately, my car stereo can play songs in .mp3 format .. so this “BURN” could actually fit 18 complete albums (including a double album) so I’ve extended this list to the Top 18+ Greatest Albums of All Time. Oh, [More]
[audio:http://1800HART.com/meme/boston-foreplay-longtime.mp3] – Foreplay & Long Time [audio:http://1800HART.com/meme/boston-rockandrollband.mp3] – Rock and Roll Band Brad Delp, Lead Singer of the Band Boston, Dies Boston lead singer Brad Delp dies at 55 Boston “Foreplay / Long Time” 8-25-04 – Florida I really liked Boston ..
Heads up from: blog.bookmach.com (latest swag from the internets) Musicovery is a flash application that lets you select the mood and energy of the music you would like to hear, and takes you to the appropriate song. It then meanders progressively along the genre path so you can explore multiple artists who have a similar sound I stumbled this one from one of my newest additions in my Bloglines .. at 9:00am .. and it’s now 10:10am and I’m quite hooked on this site! What a great idea for an online internet radio. I am just letting it play itself. [More]
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