Although this 1800HART blog has been quiet during 2014 .. I have continued to blog on another blog of mine called “ABITPAC” (pronounced: ab-it-pac) ABITPAC = Accounting, Bookkeeping, Income Tax Preparation And Consulting ABITPAC (which is easier to say and write out) represents what I do “offline” in my HBS Management Consultants business and have been included on my billing invoices and taglines since 1991. I registered domain back in November 2010 and hoped to make a transition to a new website, but when my father passed away on Christmas morning 2010 .. my blogging work ethics started to [More]
Well .. now that 2014 is over and it’s been over 1 year since my last blog post .. I think I am ready to start posting here once again! Thanks for sticking around! HARTLEY B SINGER aka HART
The Newsletter Popup Today I have deactivated the annoying(?) popup script to collect email addresses and offering readers a way to subscribe to this blog via email .. and activated a new less annoying(?) footer slide-up script to collect email addresses and offering readers a way to subscribe to this blog via email! Subscribing is good! Every monday you will receive a blog broadcast of all posts published in the previous week directly into your email inbox, so you don’t have to bookmark this site or frequent often to see if there are new posts or news regarding Canadian Income [More]
The upgrade to WordPress version 2.3.3 is now complete. I have also upgraded this template as well .. to the new HART-Empire Network template. I will miss the old 1-800-HART template, which (if anybody noticed) was Version 2, and I really liked the old header graphic. So – I shrunk it and placed in the top left “About” box as a momento 🙂 In case you were interested about the color scheme .. I have left PURPLE color theme for and the series of blogs because purple is my favorite color. I have decided to use BROWN color [More]
I am currently processing a backup of my data here, and planning to shortly upgrade this wordpress v2.2.2 version blog to the latest wordpress version 2.3.3. As this will be a major upgrade (to new tagging system, etc) .. this may take a while – but, I have selected this wee hour to perform the upgrade. Immediately, following the upgrade, I plan to implement the “network” template onto this blog and, hopefully – this should be done in the next couple of hours – after my backups are complete. Please stand by!
If you like this site .. please vote for 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T 😀 International Blog Cup (IBC) is a variation of sports tournament for Bloggers. It is based on knock-out tournament format which means the blog with the most continuous support wins the monthly cup title. Each Blog Cup Winner and Runner-up receives a Virtual Blog Cup Trophy (see below) and will be featured in Blogs of Fame section. Source: I also have two other sites listed .. PetLvr Blog and callHART/crazy ..
That “Blog for a Year” graphic and site has been down too many times, and I don’t think I would ever win .. because I was in about 543,258th place .. however …. Entrecard … !! … Do you know what that means? Feel free to drop your EC card .. and well, advertising starts at 2 points per day at first 🙂 I don’t know how it calculates it after that. Go Crazy. PS: I also have one up over at too!
January 18th will mark the second anniversary of the creation and inception of our “Battling The Monster” series of Health blogs, operating under the umbrella. We have 12 active blogs Battling Addiction – Battling Alzheimer – Battling Arthritis – Battling Cancer – Battling Depression – Battling Diabetes – Battling Heart and Stroke – Battling Multiple Sclerosis – Battling Obesity – Battling Schizophrenia – Battling Stress – Battling Vision – We would like to offer giveaways to our readers, and have a contest for each individual health blog [More]
I might have to retrieve all of the news, and keep them as a DRAFT before publishing them .. there are a lot of news releases issued every day, and duplicated through out various government agencies (of course!). I’m still working on trying to get the permalinks to work. I have hit an obstacle by the optional requirement to include provided updated files in my ../wp-admin/.. folder – however if I do that, the next time I do a wordpress automatic update to the latest version (using InstantUpgrade plugin) those files will be deleted. I’m looking for an out-of-the-box solution. [More]
I have just set up automatic syndication to post all Canadian News related posted on various Government of Canada sites .. here at 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T. There may be tweaking over the next few days, but generally I have set the syndication so it will post in here – and for the source of the news, all you will have to do is click on the permalink title. Now – if you are reading this in your RSS Reader, you probably noticed that I just posted about 19 of ’em – without the permalink being linkable and, all I can say is [More]
GOODBYE OLD HEADER LOGO The above picture was captioned as “Electrical Storm over Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada” and first displayed in my blog September 20, 1995 in this post: … the image was FWD’ed to me in a mass email and I thought it was pretty nice, with the electrical storm. Over the years, I tried to determine where the original source was for this picture, but I never did found out (until recently). You see, on August 2, 2005 I was looking for a new logo .. and by November 11, 2005 .. readers voted this [More]
I’m Looking For Amazing Stories How You Saved One Animal’s Life Having many blogs in my network, I feel completely justified in promoting this event on every domain and blog that I have at my disposal! Please help me pass the word around the internet, and if you can contribute .. please do! On September 27, 2007 .. a wonderful thing will happen. Bloggers from all around the world will be “Blogging For A Cause”. I will be participating with my fellow bloggers, and am asking you to help me participate in this event. I will be blogging to .. [More]
FINALLY! The DNS and nameservers “appear” to have kicked in. This means that my “planned” migration from the June upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to the new Dedicated Server plan August 1, 2007 .. has finally been made. I say “appear” because I still do not know for sure. All my reference sites that identify the IP of the address of, say .. THIS blog for instance .. show up as the IP of the old server. Yet, if you can see a message at the top of this post proves that it is on the dedicated server, [More]
I combined my two previous servers (ISP#1 the mega provider and ISP#2 the reseller provider) on June 8th to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) system. Basically, it’s like a quarter of a real server and limits the CPU resources to 25%. Well .. in the past several weeks I have kept reaching these limits and my network was blinking out. Occassionally, you will come to a site of mine and see the old “default Kubrick” blog template. Well – today I have upgraded everything to a dedicated server and things seem to still exist – so, that’s good! I will [More]
haha .. if you can call it that~ …. .. more like a filler page to me! I’ve been meaning to do something, in case people come to the root of this domain instead of coming to one of the blogs on this domain .. or … used to tie in with .. before the recent move to the new server .. (ISP#1) but now each is two separate and unique domains. What would you put on a start page like that?
*whew* About time! I was getting Email Deprivation 😀 However .. after I got email to work .. and started to download 1387 unread emails from Sunday Morning .. that feeling passed quickly.
Greetings and Salutations .. The nameservers have kicked in and this blog appears to be ready for new posts. I am in the final stages of testing the database, the permissions, etc etc etc. We’re almost there .. and back to normal! Well, except for a few upgrades and conversion to wordpress version 2.2 .. everything is where it should be .. for this blog! Please take a look around, and see if you notice anything different. I would appreciate your comments … I’m probably still working on getting the other sites going in the background… -oh – and I [More]
I am currently in the process of moving most of my accounts to a new ISP. Today I have changed most of the nameservers to the redirect to the new server. This may take up to 12-24 hours to process. Unfortunately, most of my sites may become unaccessable during this time. I have not changed the nameservers on this site (or the PetLvr sites) .. and there should be no problems accessing this blog. However, I have changed the nameserver on where I am documenting the move (which may become unaccessable) so I thought I would post a “NEWS [More]
I have finally converted my old static website for my business HBS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS to a blog format. HBS Management Consultants is a Proprietorship name that I operate under for my system consulting, accounting, bookkeeping and income tax preparation business. All my other earnings are maintained separately under a different registered business name, but is also a division of HBS Management Consultants .. like HART-Empire Network for my blogging ventures, and PapillonLvr,com for product related ventures (Ebay, watch repair, Online Stores, etc). With the new HBS Management Consultants ( site .. I will *NOT* be moving any discussions or type [More]
If you didn’t know this .. offline I am an accountant, bookkeeper and income tax preparer (besides “consultant and blogger and pet owner” titles) .. and here in Canada, personal income tax returns (T1) are due April 30th. That is, of course, unless one is self-employed .. then the deadline to file a return is June 15th, but payment is due by April 30th. Corporation income tax returns (T2) are due six months after the year end, although payment is usually due by the end of the third or second month following the company’s year end (depending on circumstances). As [More]
Since I’ve upgraded to the latest wordpress version 2.1 (which apparently isn’t the latest, as now there is a version 2.1.1 out) .. I am sick and tired of the way that they combined all of my LINKS with my CATEGORIES and now call them BOOKMARKS or BLOGROLL. I’ve got a lot of links (you can click the link on top of my header graphic or in my Page section) but I’ve also got a lot of categories. As such, it began to become an eyesore looking at these two combined features into one under my Categories section in my [More]
GEEESSSHHHH! It’s frustrating enough to wake up and wonder if anybody is reading your blogs, but even more so to waking up and seeing if your template is back to the default theme. I apologize to my readers who also had to endure this, if it affected the functionality of this blog, in addition to the 1-800-HART’ish look and feel that has existed. Here’s the reason I was worried the most: Is someone hacking into my site? Well .. as it turns out either: * there is some new checks and code in WordPress 2.1 ..validate_current_theme() .. .. It checks [More]
I have added a nice little forum to this blog .. 1-800-HART-FORUM If you didn’t know, I’ve had this page in my sidebar called 1-800-ASK-HART where if anybody had an accounting and bookeeping or personal or corporate income tax question .. all they had to do was post a comment and ASK HART (me) and HART (me) will find the answers for you. There hasn’t been too much activity on that page. I signed up at the website almost immediately after I first discovered their site, referred in my bloglines from Darren on his blog last summer … [More]
This is the second day in a row that I have woken up and the famous Kubrick WordPress Default 1.6 Theme, by Michael Heilemann, was the default. Did somebody hack into my account and trying to tell me something? I guess it’s time to change my password from “password” to something a little harder, like .. “password1” or something!
I have completed the upgrade and we are now running on WordPress version 2.1 Everything appears to be running smoothly, however .. if you see anything “kooky” .. please let me know with this contact form below (or just email me or comment on this posting) .. Thanks! Take care. HART
I will be upgrading this blog this morning to the latest wordpress version 2.1 Not that I have time to do this, mind you – but, I managed to backup both the MySQL database and files yesterday while I was upgrading the … so, what the hey!, eh? This shouldn’t physically take that long .. although it currently is a version 2.0.5 blog, and the last one I upgraded .. well, I had a little problems with the RSS feeds … So, Please Stand By …
Every morning for the past week or so I’ve been getting popup messages with my MSN Messenger .. that basically was saying …. Upgrade To The New MSN Live Messenger And Even Get Offline Messages Too! So – Friday I upgrade. It looked cool. There are some new features. But you know what? Every 2 hours, in the middle of something – either one of two things would happen to me: * My VMU/VPU Vector graphics would fail or whatever that message was – I am not sure, because pictures all of a sudden became black boxes .. * My [More]
This morning, I woke up to see the default Kubrick theme on this blog. And, I know that *I* didn’t change it. I think it’s time to beef up the security in this blog! Fortunately, everything is here. Nothing is missing. Everything works .. as far as I can tell! I wonder what happened? If somebody did this to me .. please fess up! Thanks!
After 7+ months using SWIFT .. I have decided that this software has basically made my life miserable, by not being user friendly enough to suit my needs and use it efficiently! Basically .. I need a TO-DO List with the following characteristics: * Lite version – in resident memory, I don’t want comprehensive software installation * Ability to have unlimited To-Do entries * Ability to create a reasonably amount of different categories * Ability to prioritize, and order To-Do List in both the order of that received and by due dates * Ability to archive history after competion of [More]
For every single comment made on this post at .. sponsors will donate $1 per comment to charity. If you could make one wish for the world, what would it be? We would like to know. In fact, we want to know so much, we’re willing to donate $1 to charity for each wish comment posted here. Post a comment. Tell us your wish for the world. Do it as a way of coming together with others, to show you care about everyone else around you. Do it to demonstrate your generosity and hopefulness. Go! Make a Wish! Feel [More]
Heck It’s Friday. A little Background History … I’ve been a MSN Messenger snob for years, since switching from ICQ. I used to really like ICQ too! You see, I was one of the first thousand ICQ’ers out there and had a 6 digit ICQ number, with the first three numbers were 100xxx. But, my great low ICQ number got compromised back in 2001 and I was in a great imaginery conflict in getting my account back, until I was finally successful. The only thing was, I had moved servers and couldn’t reply with the original email I had [More]
I have finally figured out why my RSS Feed has NOT been working since my upgrade from wordpress version 1.5.2 directly to wordpress 2.0.5 I was concerned of the problem being one created by me making such a vast jump in versions in wordpress that was the problem .. or the vast jump in the feedburner plugin or feedburner itself having problems. It turns out that my old version of plugins included Denis de Bernardy’s “Related” series of plugins that you see at the end of each post (Related Searches, Related Entries, and Related Tags) did not include the additional [More]
Another issue from my upgrade Sunday … When I was required to upgrade my plugins .. I was to also upgrade my ol_feedburner-plugin by Ordered List from my old version 1.0 to version 2.2 If you are familiar with this plugin, what used to happen before is that the plugin redirected all feed traffic to a uniquely identified feed URL … .. Then, I would use this URL as the source feed for this blog in feedburner, so you would get my Feedburner RSS Feed .. With the plugin, since version 2.1 .. It’s quite easy to create [More]