What I’ve Got Now 1) HOME ACCOUNT (About $180/month) * Home/Business phone line with the extras * Digital TV * DSL Internet 2) MOBILITY ACCOUNT #1 (About $50/month) * My cell phone with basic extras * My wife’s cell phone (buddy plan) 3) MOBILITY ACCOUNT #2 (About $90/month – big hits over summer overages) * My EVDO account – currently, maxed out at 500MB transfers per month. The July/August summer usage ended up costing me about $800 – being connected in the middle of nowhere so I can run my http://HART-Empire-Network.com/sites/ 4) FAXING CAPABILITY * I’ve got an all-in-one machine [More]
Out With The Old Ways You know .. it was cool when you were asked by your browser to “Remember?” the login and a cookie was saved on my computer and the next time you went to the site – all the login information was actually remembered. But lately … it seems that my Zone Alarm is deleting my computer’s cookies or, certain sites are starting to detect that I am accessing it from two different computers (my desktop and my laptop) and keeps requesting me to login from scratch – the biggest is all my blogs that are on [More]
Here’s another useful tool when trying to “live in the cloud”. I am constantly adding new bookmarks to my top toolbar, or as normal bookmarks .. and it’s frustrating that when I go onto my laptop, I can’t remember the site URL .. yet alone the username and password! By the way – in case you are wondering what I mean by “bookmarks on my top toolbar” .. I mean that I have added the “Bookmarks Toolbar” firefox extension to my browser, and instead of the long list of bookmarks from the top menu (or favorites) that we are accustomed [More]
Since I’m consciously trying to “move into the cloud” as much as reasonably possible, and figuring out better and more useful ways to utilize GMAIL to my needs … it’s been quite empowering to me to be able to jump to computer to computer and not only access my emails, but the history of my emails. ToodleDo.com For $29.95 per year, I’ve upgraded to the “Pro Plus” subscription, in order to keep completed tasks “forever” and just in case .. 1GIG of storage space … and a whole bunch of other features .. but, honestly .. I prefer to just [More]
At 11:07pm on July 27, 2008 (while on vacation) I cleaned up my Gmail account, and went into all of my cPanel accounts and began to forward all of my email to the Gmail address. I wrote about this on my post called The GMAIL Experiment and I will now display the results. First Of All … I must admit, Google’s spam control is pretty good, although not perfect. I also used my Spam control for automated posts that come in, that are NOT spam, but I didn’t want to see in my InBox. I must admit, as well, when [More]