Please Vote For Me! * It’s an interesting concept .. Glenda Watson Hyatt pointed me to this site during Open Mic Night last night. I Would Like To Get Paid To Blog For A Year Here’s the catch. All you have to do is vote for me, once every day, for the rest of the year! Don’t worry .. I’ll put a link up in the sidebar to remind you to do this 😀 There is a website called Blog For A Year that is asking for donations and readers to vote on their favorite blogger. Their goal is to [More]
One For The FUTURE … One For The NOW … MORE: at HART-Empire Network
EGADS … sometimes I get SICK of reading all the tips out there on websites .. in blogs .. reading their lists .. their top ten picks .. etc etc .. Most are purely written because some ‘bloggers’ suggest to others that people really want to read tips and lists (do we have a short attention span?) .. and it will increase traffic. Y E T … I’ve been quite fascinated with this site: Sound Money Tips … so, I guess I will make my own list.. since .. It’s got tips on everything! TOP 13 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD [More]
Occassionally I do a “Google Search” of the 1-800-HART term .. and noticed this today .. in 4th place listing .. Oh yes! I forgot about that .. I created an online store at Cafepress last year .. I uploaded a few ‘ideas’, including a T-Shirt … but pretty much left the one saying in the Cafepress store. Well – I just checked that account, and I since last year I’ve earned $64.24 USD commission … and 75% of those commissions were earned from Mouse Pads! I did sell one T-Shirt, but the balance was from Mugs. Go Figure 🙂 [More]
I have lots of data on my computer. I keep all my phone numbers, my time records, my accounts receivable and billings information, my client’s data files for each year for each software that I use, my email records, my wedding pictures, my .mp3 and video collection, and other crap that is just too much to mention. I am quite organized on my computer .. in fact, this is how I organize my C: Drive …. I am placing a | instead of the backslash so it will show up in here. |data| Generally, I keep generic folders under this [More]
I have signed up with TEXT LINK ADS … and am now offering space for up to 8 text link ads. Ad space is being offered on both this blog and the PetLvr blog. Ads will show up in the sidebar, under the SPONSORS heading, and will appear on every page in this blog – because the current template displays the sidebar on every page viewed. I would like to personally give thanks to all those sponsoring my sites, and purchasing ads on either 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T or – [The Blog]! I would also like to personally invite readers to check [More]
According to Canada Revenue Agency .. RC4409(E) – Keeping Records Chapter 1 – General Information ” ….. information in this chapter applies to record keeping related to income taxes, GST/HST, payroll, trusts, registered pensions, registered charities, registered Canadian amateur athletic associations, municipal corporations, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. This chapter applies to records in paper format, electronic format, or a combination of both.” You are required by law to keep complete and organized records as stated in the: Income Tax Act (ITA); Excise Tax Act (ETA); Canada Pension Plan (CPP); Employment Insurance Act (EIA); and Air Travellers Security Charge Act (ATSCA). [More]
I needed a little screen capture utility program, and what I normally do is download “trial versions” of programs. Normally, after the 30 days are up I uninstall the program. When I was originally finished using this program however, I did not uninstall it .. I thought it had potential so I just left it as a dormant shortcut on my desktop. When I started the – [The Blog] and this blog, I thought it would be useful to have a good working screen capture utility, because – let’s face it .. we all like to see some pictures [More]
I started a store at “Cafepress” …. URL is …… Design #1 Accountant ……. Anyone who can add the same column of figures five times in a row … and come up with five different tax deductions Check it out, if you wish … HART
July 14, 2005 – I have decided to place my personal Laptop and accessories up for bid on EBAY … It is a good little laptop that I used all the time for my business and for surfing blogs et al. Included is the wireless-G adapter card so you can access the internet. I’m keeping the router! If this is of interest you (and keep in mind there is a timing issue here) – This entry will be deleted when the Ebay page expires in 60 days and is deleted. SEE THE EBAY AUCTION HERE SEE THE PICTURES FOR THE [More]