This was fun …. I started it over on the call HART crazy .. titled … Crazy Art – By Me! But, as you get the hang of it … you just never know what will come out of your mind ….. like this .. Watch Me Draw The Above Picture There are also some cool pictures on there – all you have to do is view gallery, skip to the end, then view another. When you see something you like .. click skip to beginning. You might find some interesting ones .. like this one by somebody else… YES [More]
Yes. That’s a good question. How DO you do that? I have been trying to write a “Bookkeeping and Accounting Tips” E-Book since 2003. I have some software and other resources on how to actually create an E-Book from a word processor and actually have a partial draft online – but .. then what? How do I publish it? How do I market it? How come it sucks so much? I can honestly say that despite being online since 1995, I do NOT know how to publish E-Books. Mind you, I have read many E-Books and even purchased E-Books online. [More]
The Link Leak Project I have decided to participate in this linking project and post links to blogs that are in my RSS Feed reader .. Bloglines .. that I read all of the time. So far – here they are … * The Pet Related Link Leak Project * The Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax Link Leak Project * The Small Business Link Leak Project And now … The Amusing Link Leak Project * NOTE: These are just the regular RSS Feeds that are in my Bloglines that I read occassionally .. Some I’ve just discovered recently and [More]
THE LINK LEAK PROJECT I have been trying to participate in spreading the “Link Leak Virus” around, but in my own unusual way. I started off with The Pet Related Link Leak Project on my PetLvr blog.. and then did The Accounting And Bookkeeping And Income Tax Link Leak Project earlier on this blog .. so now I am looking deep into my and see what else I can leak .. and so, here it goes! Here Are Some Small Business Related Blogs That HART Reads (from his Bloglines) NOTE: Granted, there are many aspects of small business that [More]
The Link Leak Project I have decided to participate in this linking project over at the PetLvr blog … for Pet Related blogs .. so I thought I would do the same for accounting and bookkeeping and income tax blogs that are in my RSS Feed reader .. Bloglines. Here are some accounting and bookkeeping and income tax related blogs * NOTE: Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax blogs are not as popular as you might think there are – and are far and few inbetween. As an accountant, bookkeeper, and income tax preparer .. I think that the general [More]
IF YOU ARE BORED … GIVE THESE AMUSING WEBSITES A LOOK Added: September 23, 2005 Lite Brite – The Online Version Original Post: July 22, 2005 – Bite Sized Entertainment – .swf in HART’s Email – .pps in HART’s Email – Timeline + 25 – Submit your prediction for the next 25 years – Official Site – Are You Younger Than You Think? – The Comic Strip! – Institute for Interactive Research – Internet Radio 24 hours – The Witty Answering Machine Message List – Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics [More]
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Currently, I have a “gajillion” websites bookmarked in my browser. I also have a “babillion” linked sites throughout my various websites, its free-for-all pages, and other sites that I might get to from originating sites found listed my bookmarks or websites. If you add these two figures together … you get a “manillion” websites to find!! Very tedious and inefficient…. So you should remember this ~IMPORTANT~ formula (which applies to alot of different concepts) .. “When you reach a Manillion … you should consider dealing with it” [Gajillion] + [Babillion] = [Manillion] So this is what I have decided to [More]