Be at last .. The Tale of the Giant Stone Eater .. Hear this the tale of the giant stone eater Gather round boys and girls and listen To the tale of the giant stone eater and how the earth was ravaged during the years of the great stone shortage… – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (this post isn’t about stone shortages, it’s about my cell phone service .. feel free to get a cup of coffee, or brew some tea… take your shoes off and rest awhile!) Background – Summary Recap On November 10, 2008, I renegotiated all my [More]
I received an email awhile back, and we responded back ‘n forth. I’m the guy in the leisure suit, and the fellow corresponding me is the skull. I’ve debated whether or not to republish this ‘conversation’ and concluded that foolishness and stupidity warrant the public humiliation of a person who thinks up these types of requests. Anyway ..this is how it went … Hello … I have quite an odd question for you today. I should preface this by saying I am 18 and am at university in Ontario. Being in Ontario and all, the age of majority is 19. [More]
A while ago, I popped an extra $1,000 CDN$ into my paypal account. Although I have posted a few times in this blog about the rising foreign exchange rates here and here, I didn’t think much of the running balance in my paypal account. All I do recall, is that I had about $XXXX dollars in $CDN plus $YYYY in $USD … then October 2008 $ZZZZ revenues in $USD was added to my paypal account .. and for some reason – silly me – I thought $XXXX + $YYYY + $ZZZZ = My Balance! But, I was wrong – as [More]