I use these 8 stamps almost every day in my business I’ve been busy inputting a lot of source documents and my stamps are starting to fade .. I need to replenish my office supplies soon! And, then I thought .. .. I wonder if it is interesting to anybody .. that I always use these same 8 stamps over and over … 1) POSTED – for when I’m entering information, other than cheque stubs … I will stamp the face of bank statements after they have been entered, copies or originals of posting sheets .. etc. I don’t want [More]
I was standing over the shoulder watching somebody add up some sport statistics … and I said … “Don’t forget to Cross-Foot it!” He looked at me like I was nuts .. It was then that I remembered that not everybody is familiar with HART’s Tickmark Terminology (okay .. did you look? That phrase is not part of wikipedia.org ~ YET ~ but one day! Some day! lol) To familiarize yourself with HART’s Tickmark Terminology, I have replicated my favorite tickmarks and scanned them and provided a little example how I would use that tickmark. Now, I will elaborate further [More]
According to Canada Revenue Agency: IT-417R2 Prepaid Expenses and Deferred Charges ¶ 2. A prepaid expense occurs where an outlay or expense has been made or incurred by a taxpayer in a particular taxation year and it represents, for example, all or part of the cost of services which will be provided to the taxpayer after the fiscal year end. For example, a premium paid in advance to obtain a fire insurance policy, which provides protection for a period extending beyond the year in which the expenditure was made, is one type of prepaid expense. Prepaid expenses usually play part-in-parcel [More]
I have complete filing system in my basement. It holds all of my client’s Personal Tax Files and all the Corporate Files. I call this shelf my “Current” files. Last year, I took the time to pull out all of the older files and previous years’ files and place them in a banker box. Naturally, I documented each box by adding its contents into an Excel file, and numbering the box. I have 42 banker boxes stacked up in the corner of my basement, and this is what I call my “Archive” files. The boxes are stored on raised two-by-fours [More]