I received an email awhile back, and we responded back ‘n forth. I’m the guy in the leisure suit, and the fellow corresponding me is the skull. I’ve debated whether or not to republish this ‘conversation’ and concluded that foolishness and stupidity warrant the public humiliation of a person who thinks up these types of requests. Anyway ..this is how it went … Hello … I have quite an odd question for you today. I should preface this by saying I am 18 and am at university in Ontario. Being in Ontario and all, the age of majority is 19. [More]
In January 2008 I discontinued use of my Toll-Free Fax to Email service, with Telus Canada. I really liked the service and the idea of getting faxes sent directly to my email. There are many times that I scribble notes on incoming faxes received, and it’s nice when you get to a point that when you start scribbling phone messages, grocery lists and other doodle art .. that you can just go back into your email and reprint a clean fax! Background why I used a Toll-Free Service When I signed up with Telus back in 2002 .. there were [More]
Well, surprising .. it’s still the same ‘ole usuals … #5 ….. CIALIS SPAM – WITH 769 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #4 VIAGRA SPAM – WITH 1537 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #3 PENIS SPAM – WITH 2039 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #2 PEN!S SPAM – WITH 2386 SPAM EMAILS RECEIVED #1 MEGADIK SPAM – WITH 4153 SPAM EMAILS That’s 10,884 SPAM emails received in the month of November 2007 from these 5 spammer keywords alone .. or roughly, 362 spam emails a day on average THANKS A LOT – YOU BASTARDS By the way .. that was out of a total 30,772 emails [More]
I might have to retrieve all of the news, and keep them as a DRAFT before publishing them .. there are a lot of news releases issued every day, and duplicated through out various government agencies (of course!). I’m still working on trying to get the permalinks to work. I have hit an obstacle by the optional requirement to include provided updated files in my ../wp-admin/.. folder – however if I do that, the next time I do a wordpress automatic update to the latest version (using InstantUpgrade plugin) those files will be deleted. I’m looking for an out-of-the-box solution. [More]
Ever since the CRA News release October 23, 2007 .. Fact Sheet: My Business Account – October 2007 .. there has been buzz about the new RC50 Business Consent Form and the T1013 Individual Consent Forms. According to my tax software company .. the software should be integrated either tomorrow or by November 15, 2007. But, you can always download or print right from your browser over the CRA site …. RC59 and T1013 This Is How It Works In the new consent forms, there is now a section where you can authorize your representative to go ahead and obtain [More]
FINALLY! The DNS and nameservers “appear” to have kicked in. This means that my “planned” migration from the June upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to the new Dedicated Server plan August 1, 2007 .. has finally been made. I say “appear” because I still do not know for sure. All my reference sites that identify the IP of the address of, say .. THIS blog for instance .. show up as the IP of the old server. Yet, if you can see a message at the top of this post proves that it is on the dedicated server, [More]
I received my first EVDO (MTS Mobility) statement today. It is for the period June 29, 2007 until August 7, 2007 – and geesh that screws me up. First of all, this bill was for $145.77 allocated as follows: Activation Fee (Jun29) – $35.00 Service (Jun29-Jul07) – $34.00 Service (Jul08-Aug07) – $60.00 (discounted from $90 for next three months) PST 7% and GST 6% – $16.77 >> Total $145.77 I’m quite pissed. I knew about the activation fee, but I had absolutely no idea about the pro-rated billing cut-off. I have signed up for the maximum 500MB Data transfer account, [More]
Good News: Part 3 – My Laptop Arrived Today! Yaaaaay .. it’s a beaut! I’ll take pictures when I set it back up again 😀 Bad News: EVDO Revolutionery Obstacles Naturally, the second thing I did after receiving my new laptop today (the first being me taking it out of the box) was to install the software and check out the EVDO Wireless broadband internet connectivity. Well .. the light was on the card, showing power, but the software was saying there was no power. Rather than fiddle with it, I decided to just pack it up and take it [More]
My brother does not have the ability to have high-speed internet access at his location, so we were checking out options. He ended up choosing Netscape Internet Services from Netscape.ca … Unlimited accellerated dial-up service for $18.95 plus taxes. As a birthday present last May 2006, I offered to sponsor him 1-2 months of access on my credit card and then he will be reimbursing me cash every month for the access. My hopes were to be able to keep in touch via email and to give him access online to help assist me with the CurlingBlog.com development – which [More]
Oh .. Here’s a site that I could have just said .. “DITTO” …. so, I commented over there and you can read all about it (if you are interested) “Commission Junction Abuses Small Publishers” at.. The Marketing Journal @ TeaWithEdge.com
Beavis and Best-Butt-Head … aka the Story of HART’s Misadventures at Best Buy [Click Here to Jump to UPDATE April 7, 2006] Here is a nice long bedtime story .. highly recommended to read before you go to sleep, because it is so boring and long, it will put you to sleep .. no need to use any artificial sleeping aids tonight! Just read this blog entry! Once upon a time, in a land far far away in the Great White North .. an individual named HART lived there … and used to have the bestest ever computer system around! [More]
Default Block GateCrasher Trojan Horse I’m not sure what that is, although my Norton AntiVirus picked up an error message today. Well .. there it was … the I.P. address in plain view .. so I checked it against the Map… So, I have to do some more research on this matter, but until I do (and if I’m wrong – well, sorry about that!) but.. SCREW YOU ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. of Dallas Texas for letting IP do (insert “whatever they were trying to do” here)
If you don’t know what “PHISHING” is … click on this link for more information, and to read the rest of the article in the box… Phishing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This phishing attempt, disguised as an official email from a bank, attempts to trick the bank’s members into giving away their account information by “confirming” it at the phisher’s linked website.In computing, phishing is a form of social engineering, characterised by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, [More]
Re: Your website is interesting … WooHoo! My Website is interesting! According to the subject of many emails I receive each day Charity/Non-Profit Organization Contact: The NEW YEAR is Here… NOW IS THE TIME to Show What You Have to Offer the World Celebrating Our 10th Year of Charity Emailings! Click to Advertise Your Site to 3,000,000 Internet Users = F-R-E-E TODAY ONLY = ..as a new year thank you to the world and all the good that nonprofits and charities are doing to assist society, our corporation is doing what it can to help and has decided to give [More]
… or, at least I think I am … I wish I knew what was wrong with my computer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes, when you turn off the computer and turn it back on it is at the worst. If anybody has any familiarity with this – drop me a line .. hart (at) 1800HART (dot) com I had some pictures of videos and other stuff from Real Player or Windows Media or QuickTime .. but it didn’t show up on the screen capture image. However .. it was lined with red and green dots. It’s [More]
Something interesting happened this weekend, and I thought I would document it. As you know, I have the blog site 1-800-HART’s Picks where I have joined companies as an affiliate, then I surf their sites for products that even HART would buy (if I had the money) .. then I post them in the blog. In WordPress, there is a plugin called wp-amazon and even another one out there, that makes this quite easy to do. You see – in my options area, I insert my Amazon affiliate-ID and then there is a button here in my area where I [More]
Is it time for your christmas Vacation Mr. Allen? Need another $24,000 in 24 hours? … Well .. you are not going to get it from me! Please Stop Spamming me 20 times a day!!
Okay. I think receiving this spammed email message 8 times per day for every email address I own is quite EVIL of you, and I do not approve. No! I will not UNSUBSCRIBE so you know my email address is real! I don’t hate Santa .. I hate you! SHOO! Okay. Does it sounds like a worthwhile cause? I am not sure. You go to SentBySanta.com . Then you fill out a form and for $10.00 .. well, you can send a “Personal Letter From Santa” to anybody, presumably a child. Okay. Is it me? Their page sucks – it’s [More]
.. Just kidding! Congratulations .. And, I didn’t even win $10.00 !! But, I only spent $20.00 (10 selections @$2/ea) from random numbers used in my Lotto 6/49 Picker – I did receive 6 out of 10 that had 2 numbers …. but, it’s still a ZERO when it comes time to play .. So .. How much did you spend?
This afternoon our water heater tank exploded. There was approximately 2 inches of water on the floor in the south section of my basement and a clear river flowing from the north part of my basement where the water heater tank was. Fortunately, a lot of my important documents and files and electronic items were deliberately placed off of the floor, for cases like this. I had built a step-floor where my permanent files are, that were the size of a 2″x4″ in height .. so I was okay. It was messy … it took a while to clean up [More]
Employment Insurance (EI) Employment Insurance (EI) provides temporary financial assistance for unemployed Canadians while they look for work or upgrade their skills. Canadians who are sick, pregnant or caring for a newborn or adopted child, as well as those who must care for a family member who is seriously ill with a significant risk of death, may also be assisted by Employment Insurance. Being an accountant and working in public practice since 1985 and on my own since 2003, I have had the opportunity to prepare many “Record of Employment” (R.O.E.) forms for my clients over the years. Not every [More]