I’m just curious .. that’s all UPDATE: By the way .. there’s a button in the top right of the sidebar .. that’s what this poll is about
It was interesting .. I was doing some random searches about various topics .. and something caught my eye. I continued to do more searches .. and I found this: SOURCE: Ministry of Government Services: News Releases New Real Estate and Business Brokers Act comes into effect today Legislation Improves Safeguards For Real Estate Buyers And Sellers QUEEN’S PARK — March 31, 2006 — People buying and selling real estate in Ontario will be better protected under the new Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, said Minister of Government Services Gerry Phillips. “We know that …blah blah blah … and [More]
I try not to recommend accounting software to clients, as most of my clients either have their own software already purchased (or obtained) .. or I will be entering the raw data myself. The reasons are: * If they have the software, there’s no real reason to spend more money on new software – especially if the bookkeeper is familiar with the software – generally, they all do the same thing * If I will be entering the raw data myself .. what difference is it to my clients what I use? Right .. there is no difference If there [More]
What Accounting Software Do You Use? (feel free to add your Specific Version that you use) I thought I would see what types of accounting systems you are using out there in the real world. I have suggested a dozen choices, if you do not know the specific version .. but I would be interested if you could click on the “Add An Answer” and let me know exactly what software and version you are using. Thanks!
Wow. I know. 2 Votes – one of them was mine .. 1-800-HART Poll #2 .. after 10 days .. So, SCRAP that lousy 1-800-HART Poll #1 … I’m not going to even wait until the month is over!! Down with the old garbage and up with the new 1-800-HART Poll #2 1-800-HART Poll #2 – Are you going to vote? I’ve ranted a little about this election, but Warren’s Rant is much better.
You Know Your Blog Sucks When … You put up a Poll on Friday afternoon and when you look again Monday Morning – there is only 1 vote entered – your own 🙁 So .. it’s not looking too good for weekly or monthly polls on this site .. Oh Well … Maybe I should do a less complicated POLL in this entry … you can just reply in the comments to pick the one you choose .. As Seen on the Comedy T.V. show .. CORNER GAS …. BETTY OR VERONICA
It seems like “Poll”s are quite popular around the internet and blogging community, so with the wordpress plugin called Democracy I have added 1-800-HART polls in the sidebar today. I was going to ask everybody how the year 2005 went for you … being that I am an accountant and we generally tend to focus on past results … but I think I want to know how everybody feels about 2006 … 1-800-HART “POLL” Number 2006-#1 HOW WILL 2006 BE FOR YOU? I’ve left this poll for you to be able to add your own answers to this poll, if [More]