I have added a nice little forum to this blog .. 1-800-HART-FORUM If you didn’t know, I’ve had this page in my sidebar called 1-800-ASK-HART where if anybody had an accounting and bookeeping or personal or corporate income tax question .. all they had to do was post a comment and ASK HART (me) and HART (me) will find the answers for you. There hasn’t been too much activity on that page. I signed up at the website http://103bees.com almost immediately after I first discovered their site, referred in my bloglines from Darren on his Problogger.net blog last summer … [More]
1-800-ASK HART // A Reader Writes … I certainly like the way that you express yourself, as the information is easy to read and logical. I have been trying to understand the information provided by the CRA as to when and how a person switches from the Quick Method to the traditional method of accounting for gst; however, the instructions seem so obscure. Can you possibly explain the procedure in a manner that makes sense? By Judith Farrell on 10.25.06 8:11 am The GST Rate in Canada changed July 1, 2006 and I previously blogged a little about changes that [More]
1-800-ASK HART // A Reader Writes … I was wondering where you received the picture of the Provencher Bridge with lightening from? Its beautiful! By Eric on 10.24.06 7:55 am Thanks Eric. I added the picture in November 2005 to the top of this blog when I upgraded my blog…. SEE HERE .. although the picture first appeared in my blog back in September 2005 .. if you are looking for a clean picture without any modifications that I did in Adobe Photoshop 7 to add my likeness with the green hair and my blog’s TagLine…. ~~~~~~~ 3) The header [More]
I have just added a new page called “1-800-ASK-HART“. You can select this page either from the PAGE area in our sidebar, or at the top far right above our header. Here’s the experiment: * You can ask me any question – just post a question in the comments of the 1-800-ASK-HART page * I really mean – You can ask me any question .. serious and not so serious .. * During the Summer 2006, I will be taking as many questions as I can, and will give you an answer -I will post these answers here in this [More]