Career in Accounting

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Terri Albertson, CPA, talks about a career in accounting on CBS-3.


breezyamar says:

lol, the reporter is disgusted at 2.19

VinceFSU07 says:

@heartlessvietboy Yes after you get your bachelors degree then you enroll
in graduate school for about 16 credit hours of accounting courses, then
pass the cpa exam. Roughly 5 years of schooling

strikerjess says:

I would only get into accounting because it’d get me closer into the FBI,
not knowing much about it should I get into it?

Brod33048 says:

I’m gonna go for it, I’m taking accounting classes in High school now and
then go to a 2 year college and so on, can’t wait to be a CPA!

MrManoynav says:

too good to be true.

abundancecoaching says:

I love this so very much. Thank you!!!

supremo502 says:

can u become an accountant with a 2 year degree?

MishuTaste says:

$50,000 a year. Sounds good to me.

Mega Niche University says:

100% of businesses need accounting. Its a no brainer. We have tutorials on
Quickbooks – Check us out.

Stefan Thompson says:

@VinceFSU07 My bachelors degree, however, requires 6 hours of introductory
accounting (Financial & Managerial. All college of business students must
take these) and then 24 hours of accounting concentration courses. That is
the requirements for my university’s college of business. I’m sure it
differs among universities.

VinceFSU07 says:

@heartlessvietboy agreed it’s an overvalued ponzi scheme, but you gotta
play the game to get the rewards.

Christopher Mercer says:

I don’t think it was a scheme. Schools were where children learned behavior
and ethics. They grow up to learn more things. In foreign poor countries
they don’t even go to school. They just play. There is no such thing as
“Mathematics” or “Sciences”. Some villages just learn regular contemporary
language. Some were just day cares.

Joshua Mejia says:

@BenEverett1 the only reason why you are making so little is because of the
company and Location I’m pretty sure with you’re type of background you
would easily find a better paying company in one of the best paying
locations such as New York, California, Texas, or Boston hope the best for
you esp. with all the work you did. I would most def. move if I was in your

beautybyjeana says:

hey mrs.A! didnt know you were on youtube! i know this lady! love you


well i know what im doing, lol.

perfplan007 says:


kernel2006 says:

Wow that accountant they had really sold it to me. Now, where’s my adding

MtotheFeez says:

@Code9aa An associates degree won’y really get you much. The most you would
be able to get is a bookkeeping position. That position usually only
requires a high school diploma.

ThePoisonedTaco says:

im learning accounting right now in school(i know,not common in most

londonpie72 says:

Love this video recently an Accounting and finance graduate need to become
qualified ASAP

Christopher Mercer says:

Do you actually need a 4 year degree in accounting? (LOL)

Stefan Thompson says:

@VinceFSU07 The actual exam is 14 hours. The requirements to take the exam
differ from state to state, but most require at least a bachelors and a
minimum of 150 credit hours. Getting an MSA (Masters of Science in
Accounting) will meet all of these requirements. I’m working on my
bachelors right now. I don’t know if I’m going to become a CPA or not. I
actually prefer managerial accounting.

Sou lik says:

Hi, where and how do you make over 70k?

Dockter Shockter says:

accountants can make a lot more than 50K…i know someone who makes double

john peter says:

@MishuTaste its not wen u have to pay taxes bro 😛

David Suspended says:

Do you think someone with a BA in mathematics/minor physics could work as
an accountant with additional training?

123nypd says:

Im joining the US Navy accounting is BOREING!

Gravitas37 says:

Sorry to hear that, $38K is only around $50K here in southern California. I
am an accountant and not even a CPA and make over 70K. The direction you
take matters a lot and unfortunately some people take the wrong directions


Damn Rosario Dawson’s little sister is sexy

RayWilliamJohansen says:

I am considering pursuing a career in the boring field of accounting but I
have not yet taken any “accounting classes” per say,would you suggest that
I find work at a bank ?

123nypd says:

@Brod33048 me too, im going to a community college first then transferring

Sacred Society says:

@Code9aa You can take accounting courses online from Harvard if you like.
Probably would look better than University of Phoenix right?

phall2008 says:

Umm… Okay yeah I wish they hadn’t portrayed accounting like this. I’m an
accountant. Not a CPA. We don’t start out making $50,000/year. I have my
bachelor’s yes, but even after 10 years of working in accounting my salary
isn’t $50,000. It’s MUCH less than that. I make apx $40,000/year and that
is high. I’m seeing $10 and $12 part time jobs VERY regularly. And it isn’t
easy to get your CPA. You need a Bachelor’s PLUS 120-150 hours in
accounting. That’s alot.

Pete Cip says:

heck the work may be boring, but in your spare time, you can do things that
aren’t boring

MtotheFeez says:

They make passing the CPA exam seem like a minuscule step. The CPA Exam is
a 4 part test. Each part takes 4-5 hours to complete. Taking the exam
requires fees costing over $1000 just to sit for the exam. More so, most
states require 150 college credits(30 more than a standard BS accounting
degree. You also have to work for a CPA firm for a year or two to satisfy
requirements to become licenses. Accounting is a long road that can be
rewarding. But make no mistake. It isn’t easy.

kamrul Hassan says:

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Devin Butler says:

Accountants can work in any industry besides banking. There are accountants
that work for Walt Disney, NBA, retail, and etc. Plus you when you get a
bachelor’s degree in accounting, you do not have to be an accountant for
the rest of your life. You can start as an accountant and become a
financial analyst.

cjefferson3 says:

My aunt is a CPA and she makes a great living. Lexus, house in Rancho
Cucamonga ,Californa, and she has time to be a great mother! I am happy
that I have the opportunity to be one in the near future

dronelandTV says:

1:08….sounds inspired. would love to work in accounting 1:40 “compressed
work weeks” = 80hrs work p/week

123nypd says:

@Q8sugargirl agreed I took it in high school and didnt get any bit of it;

Gravitas37 says:

The reporter is hot. She can give me a bj anytime.

Stefan Thompson says:

@VinceFSU07 In NC, I have to take 6 hrs of introductory acct classes, then
24 hrs of accounting concentration courses, and then an additional 20 hrs
in grad school.

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

This is refreshing to see how an accounting firm seeks to achieve a balance
between work and family.

09809709879876678698A says:

But about the pressure, it ranges from little to none to pulling your hair
out. You have to have the courage and drive to challange senior executives
and be on conference calls with upwords of 20 people on the line for 2
hours. This is when you earn your salary. Its not for everyone.

ProtectDavid says:

It’s not the math or studies that make accounting hard. It’s, not putting a
bullet through your brains that makes it tough… Yes, accounting is boring
as shit.

FreeAccountingTutor says:

This profession was thriving during 2008 bad economy and it has so bright
future. Agree 100%

BenEverett1 says:

Accounting always gets overrated by the media. They only tell you about the
success stories. I’m a CPA with an MBA and only make $38k here in Florida.
It took 6 years to become a CPA and it was the biggest mistake of my life.

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