Canadians Working Abroad, Overseas, Outside Canada – Tax Implications

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If you wish to find out about taxes for Canadians working overseas, you’ve come to the right place. Next, find out all you need to know about Canadians working abroad.

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Table Of Contents

00:43 — Canadian Residency Status
02:34 — What To Do When You Leave Canada
02:46 — Departure Tax Return
03:10 — Termination Of Residency
03:46 — Inform CRA You Don’t Want HST Or Benefits Anymore
04:15 — Tell CRA About Your Assets
05:07 — Pay Departure Tax
05:43 — Speak With Financial Advisor
06:45 — When You Have To File A Canadian Tax Return
07:18 — Withholding Tax
09:10 — Factual Resident Of Canada
09:36 — Filing Obligations
10:55 — Foreign Tax Credits
11:57 — Overseas Employment Tax Credit


The information provided in this video is intended to provide general information. The information does not take into account your personal situation and is not intended to be used without consultation from accounting and financial professionals. Allan Madan and Madan Chartered Accountant will not be held liable for any problems that arise from the usage of the information provided in this video.


Pp calgary says:

I am considering move out of Canada to work in Saudi Arabia. Once I become non-resident, I want to send my grade-11 son to a private boarding school in Hamilton ON may be as an international student and will not take any government benefits.I will tell CRA to stop paying me child tax and universal child tax benefits.  I am planning to give away all the provincial health cards/benefits.I would like to keep my primary residence home. But give it to a professional property manager. I also have a rental property which I plan to give to a professional real estate company for management. Both will be considered business and will file my non-residence tax regularly with CRA. Myself and my wife want to keep RRSP & TFSA (Questrade) . I will keep a bank account with TD bank. I also want to keep the Canadian drivers license.Would I be considered as non-resident? Or are these too many ties to consider me as resident Canadian for tax purposes?Thanks in advance…

zain ahmad says:

control on your hands

Geo N says:

Hi Alan, thx for video very informative! my question is; i'm leaving soon and already sold my principal property but my closing date is within 2months after i leave..will that be a problem? would i pay any taxes, etc…? thx you!

Michael 뎁 says:

Thank you for the information.

Jeannette Pope says:

Very interesting and well paced. I am leaving for China on a 3 year contract in a film academy and have been wondering how the hell I have to do what is needed. I now understand i am still a factual resident as my daughter stays here and i still have the rented accommodation – however – if I keep all my funds in the bank, and do not withdraw them, will I be liable to pay tax on this or not…thank you for your video – PS: I like your hands  – not at all distracting !

hoardofthestrings says:

Thanks for the information.  I am an American union carpenter and am considering immigrating to Canada for work.  It would be through the union, and I would retain all benefits of my local union here in the US, but would be able to use the Canadian healthcare.  Would I still only file taxes with the US?  How is it, I can use the Canadian healthcare, if I am not paying into it?  Also, do you think the difference in pay from $26 USD to 42 CD would be worth the move and hassle, considering the cost of living difference?  I currently live in Dallas.

Allan Madan says:

Hi Amaar,

Thank you for your valuable insight.

– Allan

Amaar Yousif says:

Hi Allan

The video you provided on YouTube is very useful but I would like to correct few things about your video.
Please in future videos do not move your hand at all as its very distracting to focus on you talking.
And also put all your points in front of you instead of the side also relax by setting down and have some books in the background
I hope you don't be offended by this message
Thanks for your useful information

Allan Madan says:

Call the CRA at 1-800-959-5525 and inform them of the date that you will be departing Canada. On your personal tax return for that year, indicate the date of departure, diclose your assets remaining in Canada, and pay departure tax, if any.

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