Canadian Prime Rates

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I posted a complete list of prime rates that I had been keeping on my local computer, since January 7, 1986 .. current up to December 7, 2005 .. at the URL .. HERE

I would like to thank Tony C. from Montréal, Qué. who sent me the following email March 21, 2006:

Hi ,

I found your excel spreadsheet about Royal Bank prime rates very useful today.

But I needed since 1974.

So I called Royal bank and got the missing information over the phone, and I would like to share this with you because you shared with us.

Please feel free to use this updated spreadsheet.
< <1800HART_Prime_Rates.xls>>

Tony C.
Montréal, Qué.


I have now recently updated Tony’s update and it is currently current to March 21, 2006. I will periodically update the file directly on my computer and replace the existing Prime Rate excel file, which you can have for the taking … at the following location:

It contains the changes of Canadian Prime Rates since April 16, 1974 … to March 21, 2006 .. that’s 30 years of changes!


HIGHEST RATE: was August 7, 1981 at 22.75%
LOWEST RATE: (tied) was 3.75% on both January 16, 2002 and again April 14, 2004


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