Canadian Prime Rates

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I have uploaded a revised listing of my Canadian Prime Rates excel spreadsheet to the internet, for the taking. It is current up to yesterday’s date .. November 17, 2010.

Canadian Prime Rate is currently 3.00% (last change approximate September 15, 2010)

You can have for the taking … at the following location:

It contains the changes of Canadian Prime Rates since April 16, 1974 … to November 17, 2010 .. that’s like… more than 36-1/2 years of updates!

Since my last update to May 25, 2006 my source (Royal Bank of Canada) has been reluctant to assist me with the accuracy of providing me with rates – since, it’s now so ~”Readily available”~ on the Bank of Canada website. The only thing with the Bank of Canada site is that interest rate archives only go back by 60 period cutoffs. You can get detail back 60 days … 60 weeks or 60 months – except for prime rates, which only go back weekly or monthly intervals. Going back to 2006 I could only go back weekly, so the dates may not be entirely accurate of the rate changes on the updated .xls schedule. Oh well.


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