Canadian Prime Rates

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I have uploaded a revised listing of my Canadian Prime Rates excel spreadsheet to the internet, for the taking. It is current up to today’s date .. September 19, 2006.

Canadian Prime Rate is currently 6.00% (last changed May 25, 2006)

You can have for the taking … at the following location:

It contains the changes of Canadian Prime Rates since April 16, 1974 … to May 25, 2006 .. that’s over 30 years of changes!


HIGHEST RATE: was August 7, 1981 at 22.75%
LOWEST RATE: (tied) was 3.75% on both January 16, 2002 and again April 14, 2004

FYI #2 …

Previous updates: The excel filename remains the same and the newest information can be taken, however I did not update each of the previous links on previous uploads…


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