Canadian government announces $60 billion in tax cuts

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Visit for more. October 30, 2007 – Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced $60 billion in tax cuts for Canadaians. The NDP and Bloc…


Bradley Whitcombe says:

But of cores the Dion Liberals have a different approach for the economy than the Harper Conservatives do. But the corporate tax needs to be lowered for us to compete in this market world.

Bradley Whitcombe says:

Dion wants to put the corporate tax lower then 22% as well so whats the deferents.
I think its stupid not too, it well be good for job creation when you reduce taxes on Productivities like what the Liberals and Conservatives have been saying for a long time now other counters have been doing that recently so we should too thats how we can stay competitive in this market world.

Bradley Whitcombe says:

“The Smaller Government The Better” I believe that the Conservatives and green party are the only 2 at this time that believe in smaller government though the green party is viewed as a left wing party right now but a lot of the green party’s polices seem fiscally conservative, I have also seen changes of the Liberals under Dion lately moving there polices to a fiscally conservative path but I’m not all that shire.

PrimarySource888 says:

The thing is the government is awash in cash so I don’t think they’ll be raising taxes anytime soon. And I personally don’t think the government should be paying citizens to spy on their neighbours.

By the way, Canadians are already taxed on the purchase electronic storage media such as CDs, hard drives and memory cards. As a result it is legal for Canadians to download copyrighted material. Its not legal to upload it, however.

stokie1999999 says:

wished canada was part of the empire again

petelsd says:

The Canadian Income Tax Act is a real mess. No amount of tinkling will simpify it. Just get rid of it and draw up a new one from scratch.

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