Canadian Consumer Tax Index, 2018

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The average Canadian family spent 43 per cent of its income on taxes in 2017, more than housing, food and clothing costs combined. But it wasn’t always this way. How has the share of taxes grown over time? Watch this video to find out.


J Mo says:

Even 34% is ridiculous. We get next to nothing for all of the money government STEALS from us

The government needs to get clipped by about 75%, and especially federal and municipal governments.

Free up the horrible services these governments 'provide' to the free market. We don't need an endless bureaucracy of 'those who can't do, work in government' types any longer.

lmtada says:

Canada Healthcare system is huge disappointment. Witness the inefficiencies firsthand. From simple union employees whom will not go beyond there job scope to help patient. To badly coordinated hospital floors whom lack communication with all members of theirs teams. Considering all the communication tools available, complete failure. Good luck waiting for that possible cancerous tumour (6-12 month wait), you dead. New hospitals that cannot do surgeries (send patients to major Centre). Emergency lineups 8 hrs deep. List goes on, and on. I prefer a private system, and willing to pay for it. Can we opt out, Canada health system? My millions of dollars I have contributed, to Canada health care system is complete joke. I want my $$$ Back.

Jeff Li says:

I just want to know the rest of the part. In 1961, there was just 9% of the rest income . For saving or children's education, i guess. For today, we have 21% of income not mentioned. Is it still for saving, children's education or investment.

Blair B says:

Theres Tax brackets – Tax refunds – Tax breaks – and theres been tax reductions, ETC – Where is all this in the report???

SunnyFysh says:

Real incomes are higher, meaning more Canadians are in higher tax brackets. Misleading report.

Pat Palko says:

So, taxes went up by 9 percentage points between 1961 and 2013. Sure, that seems like a lot. But in that time, we also nationalized most healthcare.

Math time!
(All figures taken from the Wikipedia page "Healthcare in Canada" and " Canada")

Our per capita spending on healthcare is around $6 000. Of this, about 25% is private (dental, psychologists, prescription drugs etc.), so the government spends about $4 500 per person on healthcare. Our per capita GDP is around $55 000, so we spend about 8% of GDP on public healthcare.

That's basically the entire increase in taxes you're complaining about. All it boils down to is that we now have universal health care. What you're not mentioning is that that family in 1961 still needed healthcare, only that cost came directly out of their discretionary income instead of through taxes. Big whoop.

Jade Laurel Johnson says:

Duh we have universal healthcare now, and better social services, and better infrastructure. That's where the tax money goes for the most part. I'd rather have that than pay less tax and have a terrible for profit system like in the US. More taxes aren't a problem. It's where they go. Be more honest.

Neil Fiertel says:

Right wing think tank…we have universal healthcare and many other issues that we pay for and I for one am 100% happy with out taxes. The Fraser folks are super rich and tough break for them if they are unhappy..The country however is happy and prosperous.

J N Morgan says:

Thanks, leftism! Thanks, 2nd wave feminism ruining the nuclear family with no-fault divorce and bias heavily for women in divorce courts and custody battles! Thanks, subsequent wave of single mothers replacing the father of their child(ren) with child support and/or Government funding! Thanks, welfare state! Thanks, increased taxes putting a strain on the business-owning middle-class and limiting their ability to hire more people, give raises, and expand their business!

… Thank you, sincerely, President Trump, for being an example of a leader to be proud of down south in America where the sensible move to lower taxes have caused immediate improvements in the economy. Yes, Obama had America on a slight upward trajectory out of the Great Recession his 2-term Presidency had ended on and if Trump sat on his hands then I'd say that America's economic benefits of late had been echoes of Obama's leadership. Trump has not been sitting on his hands, however. He's cut regulations, lowered taxation, and the US economy is positively booming. Unemployment among US Blacks and Hispanics is at the lowest it's ever been recorded. 8 years of Obama, and already within 2 years Trump has done more good for them than Obama had.

Trudeau, I'd say 'take note', but it seems to me you've given up your ability to notice anything that does not support your Cultural Marxist ideology. To my understanding you've refused refugee status to White South African farmers who are being murdered and raped in droves as racist Black Socialists vie to take power and kick out Whites. South Africa is on its way to becoming Zimbabwe 2.0, and that is not going to be a good place for anyone but ESPECIALLY for the oppressed Whites. Trudeau… I lived for over 20 years with a powerful pride for my nation of Canada. I think it took you less than a year to kill that. Now I look south to America, and I see the only real place where a freedom-loving, traditional-minded Canadian man like myself can call a real home. If he, by some God-forsakenly Hellish miracle gets a second term, Canada is a write-off. My future will be America, and only America. Upon arrival I will likely forsake my Canadian citizenship and consider this once-beautiful nation a thing of the past to be left alone. God damn Trudeau for ripping my love for my country out of my very chest, thrusting it into an oozing and bubbling cauldron to drown in raindows, concepts of 'White oppression of minorities', claims of 'male oppression over females', his sickening Islamophilia, and of course floating about in that toxic feminist mixture are colourful little socks that he loves to show off as he makes a mockery of this nation.

Trudeau, no thank you. It would be childish of me to say 'not my Prime Minister', but I will say this. I DID vote in 2015, and I will die happy that it was not for Justin bloody "male-feminist cuck" Trudeau.

Bacon Life says:

we are slave …

Jim Williamson says:

So the proportion of income used on necessities decreased by 21% in exchange for a 9% increase in taxes? Why is that a bad thing? Taxes are supporting a 21% decrease in the cost of living.

GW H says:

Look to Lib Govs during that timespan. Problem explained.

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