Canada’s Red Flag and Income Tax

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Are Events In Canada Causing the Death of the Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge and the Illness of Queen Elizabeth?…


INFOWARforYourMind says:

Whens income tax day in Canada?

mfromcanada1 says:

Thank you.

Peter Krska says:

Canadians were fighting the American in the woods. Canadians wore red
jackets and the Americans could see them coming a mile away. Red really
stand out in the green leaves. So the Canadians cut slits into their
clothes and then put in maple leaves into those slits to disguise
themselves. It worked and we won that war. That is why the Canadian flag
has a red maple leaf on it. Well, it was something I heard and thought it
was another reason why our flag has a red maple leaf on it.

mfromcanada1 says:

Thanks Pink.

mfromcanada1 says:

April 30th.


Wow- that was very informative- thanks so very much!

Madam Vonkook says:

samr deal in the US there is no law on the books that allow the government
to tax income individual citizens receive for their labor..The only laws
pertain to corporations

jeansprettypups says:

excellent report Marica, Thank You

geminimc69 says:

We are all slaves

Enalpekaf says:


WeAreONEbigFamily says:

The Chinese Flag and the Russian Flag are not red without a reason , now
for those who want to know more here is a video wich explains a lot.

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