Canada’s New Government Provides Savings Of Up To $4.5 Million In Tariffs To Canadian Apparel Manufacturers

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The following News Release or Speech has just been posted on the Finance Canada Site.

The Honourable Michael M Fortier, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister responsible for the region of Montréal, on behalf of the Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced the implementation of measures to reduce or eliminate tariffs on a number of textile fabrics used in apparel manufacturing. These measures will provide Canadian apparel producers with up to $4.5 million in annual duty savings.

“The announcement today will help firms in Montréal and across Canada to maintain jobs by becoming more productive and more competitive,” said Minister Fortier. “Canada’s New Government is determined to let Canadian businesses to grow and succeed by building a stronger economy and creating a tax advantage that will establish the lowest tax rate on new business investment in the Group of Seven (G7).”

Under the new tariff measures announced today, the Government of Canada is:

Eliminating the tariffs on a variety of apparel fabrics of particular interest to Canadian apparel producers where it has been determined these fabrics are not available from Canadian production.
Providing further tariff relief on a number of apparel fabrics where domestic production averages less than $5,000 annually.
Replacing a number of gender-specific tariff descriptions with gender-neutral descriptions and generic apparel applications (for example, replacing tariff descriptions such as certain fabrics for use in the manufacture of women’s jackets with descriptions such as certain fabrics for use in the manufacture of apparel).
To further support the global competitiveness of the Canadian apparel industry, the above tariff relief measures are retroactive to January 1, 2005, to coincide with the elimination of World Trade Organization import quotas on textiles and apparel.

Minister Fortier also announced the implementation of tariff relief recommended in a recent Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) report pursuant to the Standing Textile Reference. Effective November 23, 2006, duties have been eliminated on certain woven fabrics for use as lining in the manufacture of certain apparel.

“Today’s announcement is very much in line with the goals set out in Advantage Canada, our long-term economic plan,” said Minister Flaherty. “We are creating a Canadian entrepreneurial advantage by encouraging further trade and investment with the rest of the world, while allowing Canadian business to do what they do best—invest, expand, and create jobs for hard-working Canadians.”

The Government has consulted widely with the Canadian textile and apparel industries to ensure these measures will benefit domestic apparel production while not adversely affecting domestic textile producers. Today’s announcement takes into account the recommendations made by the CITT in its April 2006 report on the availability of certain fabrics produced in Canada.

The attached backgrounder provides more details on the measures announced today.

For further information, media may contact:

Eric Richer
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Finance

David Gamble
Media Relations
Department of Finance

Frédéric Baril
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services

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SOURCE: Department of Finance Site


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