Canada Under Attack – my response to CRA request for videos – Jim Townsend

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My response to CRA – Canada Revenue Agency – More of my response to CRA can be found at Click on CRA fil…


townsendjim says:

i have never enjoyed the benefits of this society. I have only ever paid
for other people to enjoy them. And now that i am disabled i am treated
like a dog. Just like i was treated like a dog and molested by my social
worker when i was a ward of the courts of this shit bag society. as far as
fending of attackers, please see my videos about the drive by shootings on
my mining claim and how the rcmp are trying to cover it up. since we live
under the poverty line, we collect wild food to eat. jim

historyisstrange says:

my god doesnt Believe in there god 🙂

rufffido says:

right on brother

canadastreetmedia says:

The streets are filled with homless Canadian peoples hunting for food and
shelter and fighting off aggressive Goverment armed police who Violate the
Canadian Charter Of rights and freedom act :often…What benefits ? Ill
waive mine just not my rights !

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