Canada Revenue Agency under fire

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Canada Revenue Agency is under fire for the secret way it handles tax audits. CTF’s Federal Director Kevin Gaudet questions the “Big Brother” approach of Ottawa’s tax collector.


Lumsdenguy says:

I support the underground economy, it has the right idea.

Linda Rempel says:

Canada Revenue makes their own rules. Check out their Foreign Income page on their web site. If a business or person had that info on their web page, they would be charged with false advertising or fraud. Just because a foreign country has a “Tax” treaty with Canada in order to avoid double taxation, it doesn’t work that way. You still have to pay tax in both countries.

iRyaan says:

I just posted this to the last video..

Income taxing was created to tax the profits of big business and corporations. It IS unconstitutional to tax labor (what are we slaves?!), it should only be applied to taxing the profits made through financial gains of sold products!

Sadly people these days are either too lazy or stupid (most likely both) to educate themselves. Rather they rely on the establishment to keep them informed, and trust them that they are telling you the truth.


byronintegrated says:

Here comes the money grubbing, lying, phony welfare state, asking us to pony up in order to cover their own stupidity.

harrisonconstantinou says:

fuck the government

hashimotto says:

FUCK THE CANADIAN TAX SYSTEM. I lived in this country for 10 years and expect close to half your paycheck go to government yes that is correct. FUCK there health care system. I swear I am not lying there doctors are PATHETIC. If you go visit a doctor they dont care about you because for every visit they get paid by the government regardless of what kind of service or treatment they gave u. I HATE THIS COUNTRY. Just remember one thing you will never have SAVINGS in this SHIT country.

skwid12 says:

the are criminals 

historyisstrange says:

i wish i could opp out i need my money for food and shelter i have kids i cant get welfare i never had to till now i cant get ei im working part time for next to nothing and the crap i see them spendding my money on??? now they come calling for cash???? sorry terrorist took it i need a bail out

barneythehorse says:

Appeals Branch = Kangaroo Court !

NuclearThermos says:

There is a very simple reason why they don’t: it’s roughly based on what their issues are at the time. For example, at a time where legitimate tax revenues are down (say in a down economy), they step up enforcement. When times are good, they let things slide.

lonewolf1369 says:

the CRA cannot increase taxes or raise spending that is politicians

yourboycal says:

lol dont fuck with canada revenue agency they have a strong team including the IMF world bank and federal reserve plus many other big boys who depend on stealing money from citizens. They will increase taxes and increase spending and creating more fiat currency .

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