Canada Revenue Agency Thieves part 1

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The Canada Revenue Agency is full of thieves. The so-called Courts are all bought and paid for clerks masquerading as Judges and the lawyers are all liars. Canada i s a communist country and it is about time Canadians started to wake up to what is happening. That is also why they want to guns here because we will get the same thing when we have no means to defend ourselves.

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Cardano Green says:

Tell me how you really feel!

Anthony Simmons says:

Awesome…keep awakening the sleeping masses!!!

Rusty Wallace says:

It's cuckanada

Sheard Sheep says:

The first symptom of mind control is that the victim lets down his defenses.

Shamalea Florentina says:

What people also don't realize is that we just went through a Jubilee. The Pope even issued a special notice – see the vatican site. That ALL debt WORLDWIDE is to be forgiven and ALL property was to be returned to the people/slaves. But clearly the CRA and bankers didn't get the message or are intentionally ignoring that. So you can see what their continuing intentions are….

Shamalea Florentina says:

part of military state tactics is to get us arguing with ourselves and our families. it's part of the divide and conquer strategy. Segregate you from your families and friends, so that you no longer have a support system, then you become more vulnerable and less likely to stand up for yourself or have the ability or resources to defend yourself. This is what many CRA officers do and its part of the change we should be demanding. Because today, the CRA have become nothing but gangsters, in my opinion. And that has to stop immediately.

They make you into an enemy of the state and against your own family/communities and some of us buy into that by becoming belligerent ourselves because we are so angry about what's happened. We have been victimized, but that's the first place we can start to learn what's happened and take steps to prevent it from continuing. There is no question Glen is passionate about getting the word out about things and helping others. He's a warrior for the people and we need people like him with his knowledge assisting for the greater good.

So remember that when you see videos like this. We are all at different levels in our journey, including acceptance of our circumstances. It's videos like this that get people stirred up to either take action or not take action.

'If good men and women don't do something, then evil will prevail'. The other side of this, is that it is a spiritual journey to reclaim our souls and lives that were claimed by a man, who made himself into a pope. Restoring freedom from slavery that we assumed was always there and now finding out it's actually not what it seems.

Just remember the intent of these videos. You have to have a very strong heart, determination and mind to put these together.

Lucky Lucciano says:

I can't find your e-mail address anywhere.

Grace Joubarne says:

You missed the International Covenant Article 1.2 – can't be forced to dispose their wealth and resources for any reason…means you can't be forced to pay taxes. This is why the SIN program is voluntary (see box 13 of the application for a SIN number)

Felix Bloxham says:

review Nephilim films dotcom and the myth is Canada

Freedom Man says:

Royal Canadian Mounted Pigs?  Wrong.  R.C.M.P. stands for,  Real Criminals Masquerading as Police.  Canadians are to cowardice to do anything.  They don't even have the intelligence to see their children are being slaughtered emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.  In other words, Canadians are being exterminated & replaced as we speak.  Oh ya, the same thing is happening in the U.S., unopposed.    All you have to do is watch America to see how they do it.  They're turning Americans into Canadians real fast.  Don't blink or you'll miss it.  They won't get your guns?  Yes they will.  Your guns are no match for their firepower & organization anyway.  They'll just gas you.  New Orleans??  They got the guns there.  It was a test & the people passed with flying colors.  There's only 1 way to end it before it's to late.  It is for Canadians.  These people need to be arrested & all Government departments, yes ALL, need to be shut down.  There's only 2 ways that will happen. 1) The people start arresting them & chaining & guarding the places they work or, 2) the people go to the Provost Marshall & have the military start arresting them for "CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS". (U.S. Code, Title 18, part 1, Chapter 13, SS 241 & 242)  It's very clear.  To bad not even 1 American has done it yet.  100's of thousands if not millions of people know about it but, none will stand up.  COWARDS.  They will get your guns, even though they don't need to but, they will, just to show you they can.  Welcome to Canada Americans.

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