Canada Revenue Agency Scammer Confronted!

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I was getting tired of these calls, so I decided to confront this so called officer at the CRA


rpop414 says:

Oh Ray, That was the best laugh I've had in a long time. Thad dude did not even breath between words. Thanks, you made my day. Keep The Light Lit.

Wayne says:

Get those often here in the states. It's fun messing with

Highway Nomad says:

I got a call blocker, it helps some, but it only blocks so many with their caller id spoofing.

Marilyn G. says:

I had a giggle when he told you his name. Did you hear the fear in his voice when you said you were uploading this to youtube? "No!!…"

Jana Arnold says:

That is too funny! You could have given them any name & you would owe them $7000. Ha ha ha! Interestingly enough, we got a letter from the IRS saying we are being audited for 2016. Two days later I received A scam phone call stating we were being sued by the IRS. I won’t lie it made me nervous at first. I did get a hold of someone at the IRS later that day and they made it very clear. The IRS will never call you, they will send you a letter. Take care & have fun😊
By the way, We really are being audited. Ha ha.

jerry darnault says:

India SCAMMMMMMM watch oud niceee Ray

Justine Wright says:

That was SO funny Ray !!! Glad you let him know we are not as gullible as they think we are. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful videos also.  God bless you !!

Tha Mask Rapper says:

Ur name rhymes with how u doing and yes ur a scambaiter as well great job.

david wauters says:


Mary Dwire says:

You did good, leading him on like that.Love it! I They prey on old people like me here in the states.. I know a lady who got taken because she didn’t know any better. Really rotten characters that do that!

Ramman says:

Seriously how do ppl fall for these scams??I really don't understand. If its a problem with any level of your government they will send you registered letters with the reason and contact numbers along with an address where you can show up in person. I know cause its happened to me. I called my Accountant, Faxed him a copy of the letter and and he took care of everything for me.No one calls you on the phone like that!! You were very kind to that POS ,I would have told him F*** Off.

Life on the road with Yeshua and Trucker Ray says:

All the information I gave out was fake. I wouldn't get my real information out to somebody on the phone

Rob Kroll says:

why are you giving out your info BEFORE asking.. The guy is from India!

Elwood Taylor says:

holly crap lol

Daniel Deng says:

"And why is it that everybody at Revenue Canada is Indian?" and we are not in India! There is no answer for that. Just hang up buddy. Someone has discovered your tricks.

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