Canada Revenue Agency Scam II

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This message from “Officer John Parker” of Canada Revenue Agency was left today (January 20, 2016).

The static effect is the fault of the caller ─ it’s clearly an automated call.

Please do not ever fall for this sort of nonsense.

Neither CRA, nor the IRS in the States, cold-call the public. You would have long before been sent collection notices.

Nor would legitimate agents threaten “You!” Any intended recipient of the call would have been clearly identified.

For example, there are four taxpayers in my household, and a fifth will be filing this Spring for the first time in his working life. How the blazes would any of us know who the call was for if someone was not named?

It’s a shabby scam. It only works on some people because of the intensity of the threat that is being made.

Interestingly, if I actually had an “attorney” whom I then requested to make the call-back in my stead, he or she would be damned poor at their job if such a professional did not immediately identify that this was a scam.


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