Canada Revenue Agency Fraudsters (19MAR2016)

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Some douchebag scammer left a message on my cell phone.


arejay54 says:

There's a lot of that in the US this year. I guess the scammers have collected about 14 million dollars from people who fall for it. We've received about three such calls that say the Internal Revenue Service is initiating a lawsuit against us and we or our attorney better call or else. The official word I've read is that the IRS would never contact you by phone demanding money. If you owe, they send you a letter. We just ignore the calls, but they are pretty annoying. I try to look at it as entertainment.

Trains Big and Small says:

They have been targeting people with ethic last names saying they did not fill out their immigration paperwork and they must be a fine or penalty.

Blake Trafford - Mile Post Productions says:

What a load of crap.

iguana 91 says:

Assholes indeed. You got that right Jay.

iusetano says:

What!!!! No French.

Seth Greer says:

WTF? what is this person saying?

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