Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Scam

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This pair of messages was left on our house-line answering machine a few hours apart in the morning of Wednesday, November 26, 2015.

Ignore the answering machine statement that says the messages were left on a Sunday ─ the machine just has its settings off.

Obviously no one with an accent as thick as this ever bore the name “Eric Foster.”

Also, I worked at Revenue Canada years ago ─ including as a support clerk for Collections, for Payroll Audit, and even for a group of Field Collectors.

None of them would ever have left a message for somebody they had not clearly identified.

What if a child had answered the phone ─ would the “You!” that the message was directed at then be automatically applied to the kid?

It is also clear that the two messages are identical ─ they are automated calls. Even an official collection agency would not just make automated calls, and Canada Revenue Agency certainly never would.

The message was so clearly bogus, and designed to frighten the recipient into unthinking immediate compliance that would of course have cost some immediate transfer of cash to this fake Canada Revenue Agency “officer.”

Finally, I have done some research, and people have gotten calls from this creep where he has identified himself as being with the IRS, the Department of Legal Affairs, and the American Law Division.

He has even referred to himself as a police officer, according to one person who posted about the call.

Don’t ever be intimidated and fall for anything like this.


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