Canada Revenue Agency changing payment counter policy

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The following is now available on the CRA Web site:

News Release

Ottawa, Ontario, July 6, 2007…The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will no longer accept in-person cash payments at CRA payment counters across Canada, starting August 13, 2007. Canadians can continue to make payments at CRA payment counters by cheque, money order or debit card. Payments in cash can be made free of charge at financial institutions across Canada.

In response to the decreasing volumes of cash payments, the CRA commenced piloting a no currency policy in Tax Services Offices in Kelowna (BC), Penticton (BC), Toronto Centre (ON), Brandon (MB), and Trois-Rivières (QC). For the duration of the pilot, over 57,000 payments were received at the offices with only four instances of taxpayers making payments in cash. Given the positive results of the pilot project, the CRA will implement the no currency policy in all of its payment counters.

Between January and June of this year, the CRA received over 18.3 million payments. The majority of payments were made through financial institutions or by cheque. Cash payments continued to make up a small portion of total payments during this period, with only 0.3% of all payments made in cash.

The no currency policy will improve payment efficiency by directing Canadians to existing electronic banking channels that have proven themselves to be efficient and reliable. It will also improve safety and reduce risk for employees and the public at CRA offices.

Canadians have many options to make a payment to the CRA: in person at financial institutions, using telephone and Internet banking service, by preauthorized debit, sending payments by mail to CRA Tax Centres, or by cheque, money order or debit card at a CRA payment counter.

SOURCE: CRA Newsroom


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