Canada Revenue Agency and DOJ Thieves Part 2

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As part of a continuing series, this details Canada’s Department of Justice collusion with Canada Revenue Agency tax scandal involving approx 3000 Canadians that were either defrauded or in process of being defrauded by their combined efforts. This is NOT in the news and these agencies have been trying to hush this up since 2012. Many families have been destroyed in what some are calling CRA TAX TERRORISM tactics. The monies being stolen from victims is NOT even going into the Tax Fund, but into a private prizes and awards fund for private use by CRA agents and other cronies. This is a CANADA WIDE scandal cover up involving DeMara Consulting and Fiscal Arbitrators. Innocent women have gone to jail for this CRA scheme and others have committed suicide over it. We need to STOP THIS ABUSE BY CRA AND DOJ!!! This not only happens in CANADA but the US. As you will see, they even did these things in fake names, no court orders, no central tech office, no notice etc… Time for them to be held accountable!


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whats a Canadian ? Is Canada a country Kim?

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