Can you afford all of Governor O’Malley’s Tax Hikes?

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Americans for Prosperity Maryland caught up with Governor O’Malley and asked him if he thought Marylanders “could afford his 80% gas tax hike?”


unhappyview54 says:

I live here in peoples Republic of Maryland and most of the voters here are
clueless sheep, electing this shameless lying tax raiser twice. Glad to
see someone confronting him.

David Eastman says:

3.10 here in coastal South Carolina all day long. Just another reason so
many Marylanders have moved south. Let Maryland have the welfare cheats and
illegals and move!

HollywoodMSM says:

S T O P V O T I N G D E M O C R A T !!!!!!!

AFPMaryland says:

We’re going to have a whole lot less revenue come into Maryland. We’re
waiting on a thank you card from Virginia & Delaware!

tyler22877 says:

O’Malley and the rest of these thieves need to go……raise your hand if
you were one of the people who really believed he wasn’t going to raise
taxes, nice and high please so everyone can see you

Wallace Lerner says:

Just another reason we shop in Delaware. What an idiot.

Bob Gaston says:

Just bought gas in New Freedom PA. $3.32 per gallon. Worth the extra mile
or two.

Michael Rogerson says:

HELL NO this man along with his LTG need to be impeached for all these tax
hikes. Can anyone tell me if the government takes more of our money how are
we able to go out and shop and put money back into the market?

AFPMaryland says:

We need more Democrats to step up for fiscal sanity in Maryland! Thank you
for your comments!

ray milligan says:

Well there is your democrat in action,Find a bunch of folks who voted for
him you may be surprised when you get the answer.

Carolyn Cook says:

No I can’t afford him or his band of thieves . . . But I refuse to let them
ruin my state!

Raymond Powell says:

Smart woman!

Bruce Curley says:

Everyone I know is making plans to move out of Maryland due to the illegal,
corrupt, and liberty killing O’Malley tax hikes. And we’re all taxpayers.
Who will they tax when the takers outnumber the makers?

tdefine says:

I’m a life long Democrat but I’ve had enough of O’Malley, Miller and Busch.
Maryland has become a tax hell.

AFPMaryland says:

So many Eastern Shore residents and those who commute or live near Virginia
are doing the same. Lot of Maryland service stations are going to go out of

Raymond Powell says:

Once an idiot always an idiot. Hey O’malley you’re in charge of MD not Bush
and to stupidly blame Bush for your problems is ignorant, immature and the
typical nature of a liberal. Do yourself a favor and get out of politics,
America will be the better for it. Asshole!!!

Raymond Powell says:

I actually told him once on his FB page he needs to change it to Taxass!
Because that’s where we are being taxed out of!

Raymond Powell says:

There always idiots everywhere. They pay no attention to what is going on
or don’t care and just vote Dem because their whole family has voted that

Merk Wimbush says:

Nobody in Maryland likes him, I don’t know how he is getting away with all
wrong that he does.

Gloria4546 says:

I am moving out of Maryland in June!!

AFPMaryland says:

Too many Marylanders are! It’s sad that the tax burdens are forcing people
to leave!

v19d says:

Leaving Maryland on May 17.

Kelly Jones says:

Can we see someone asking him point blank about the taxes mentioned in the
captions? See how he spins that!

dougfrombaltimore says:

This guy sickens me.

Dennis Grap says:

And just think he’s going to run for President ! ! ! That would be the same
as the current president just more money for him to spend. What a IDIOT
this jerk is and same goes for the unnecessary Lt governor he’s a real
waste! They have plenty of money and have probably put in the bill that
they are exempt from paying the taxes. As I said before change Maryland’s
name to TAXES!

Nathan Sauerborn says:

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