Calling Angry Canada Revenue Agency Scammers ALL DAY – The Hoax Hotel

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Hey, decided to smash these phony Canada Revenue Agency scammers ALL day. Enjoy!
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The scam: An agent claiming to be from the CRA will call and threaten you with jail or court charges for unpaid taxes. The scammer will attempt to get you to send money immediately through wire transfer or a prepaid card to clear the charges. Absolute scam, the CRA does not operate this way. If you encounter this type of call, troll them mercilessly, then report the number.

More about the scam here:

More information on protecting yourself here:

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This is the fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam. Scam the scammers!


TheJokerTLD says:

Can somebody tell me whats the program to call people?

Edmund Herrera says:

Oh snap Hoax no he didn't just use a Yo mama burn….?

Mr Zbro says:

I don't understand French or any laungag

TheAmericanCanadian says:

Hahaha, "the head chutiya"

Garth Marenghi says:

You're my new hero.

Herve Tchakounte says:

sir..u are a PIC of shit! lmao

MrsWhite says:

Did you actually just learn parts of the othe language to understand and reply to what there saying

auto clock says:

This one keeps calling 254-433-8488

Willen Ngu says:

+The Hoax Hotel can you make a video on swearing in Hindu ( like words like marachod) so that we can all know how to literally f**k up a scammer?

Never Scared says:

There must be 10 scammers during the call

Splaticus Blah says:

I am unfortunate. I have never had the CRA call me. I am in Canada and I have received the retarded Microsoft tech support call, all I usually do is say your phone connection is as poor a shit so fuck off. I am going to string it out as long as possible from now on.

Ashhar Kausar says:

Starting a video straight off with a diss lol.

Big Timer says:

Omg this is so jokesss you should do more of these angry ones there bound to blow up

Brock Hughes says:

Too funny bro I got 6 calls in before they blocked me. 885 889 8001 is the toll free number have fun!

David Estey (Snake7752) says:

I'm assuming you use a voip to call these guys, but do you use anything to mask your location too?

Dj Gary C says:

Ha hahahahahahaha LOVE IT!!!

renge9909 says:

I wonder why these guys don't put up as much of a fight in terms of name calling and insulting, in comparison to some other scam videos I see. I like to think they just kind of know when they're beaten since you always maintain this unflappable kind of attitude.

Abalam Anderson says:


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