Callers React to IRS Training with AR-15’s

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The IRS has refused to answer Congressman Jeff Duncan’s question on why IRS agents are training with semi-automatic AR-15′s designed for “standoff capability…


FightForUtopia says:

Oh yeah. Only the dumb sickos get busted. The smart sickos are the ones seeking positions of authority, so they can get away with it.

utewb cuntasstrophe says:

dude… i throw up over “the guys”

kbryancourville says:

hahaha I hope not…

Yahushua Endtimes says:

WORLD Prophecy-My Beloved Children! Your OWN lands betrayed you! Satan’s Demonic Fallen Angels. Seed of Cain. Reptilian Shapeshifters & Human CLONES! {Presidents,Govs,Pope,TV-Media­,Hinn,Osteens,Cosby,B.Walters,­Sports,UN,CFR,etc} ACTORS-Trickery,Illusion,Prost­hesis,Make-Up. USA-Evil John F/Jackie Kennedy-NOT DEAD! Pretends as Pres.Jim Carter/Wife. George Bush/Demons respons.NY-9/11 2001.GREAT HORROR,SORROW,DESTRUCTION,DEAT­H COMING! Warn/Prepare Family! Seek ME.Psalm 91. go Wellaware1dotcom.

World Time Line Channel says:

Then taking political and patriot action .

rross27 says:

Yep. Investigating things is much harder than being a critic. Any charlatan can pull out their tallywhacker & pee all over an artists painting in front of the crowd. But it takes a true moral & virtuous man too, “create” something from nothing, & other good men to recognize the beauty/difficulty in what they accomplish. Why the; thief, liar & sociopath? Some have a devil screaming, “you are in the wrong lane of life”! Perhaps we should improve on our own reflection before criticizing the mirror.

john galt says:

the new world order is coming for you, spread your ass cheeks fukers. there’s a free info wars shirt in it for you if you buy your ass lube from the infowars store.

john galt says:

reptilian Illuminati runs the world, you can alway spot a reptilian because the have green tongue stains.

CB775NT says:

That was one funny ass 45 mins man loved it..

CB775NT says:

@35:00 hahahahahahaha!!! how dare you not love melted baby flavouring? you maggots!!.. Obama’s favourite ice cream flavour is melted baby & raisin lol..

CB775NT says:

This is what happens when you let faggots control the system, gay maggot devil worshippers.

CB775NT says:

Cops are scum that will never have a chance in the times of transition maggots!!!!. When the street gangs & Patriot Militias are hunting them they will not like it..

shantcant says:

They got caught doing what?

shantcant says:


Gator Mcluski says:

Fully 100% Retarded. This is you.

Gator Mcluski says:

You are high on crack….typical of Obama worshippers

Physicsgoose says:

LOL you are on an ALEX JONES cite, asking for citations.

Physicsgoose says:

No it is literally the truth. Deficit is cut in half, stock market is at a record high, and unemployment though not good, better than ANY point in GWBs presidency.

Physicsgoose says:

Fully 100% immunized. He is lying to you

Homos Schlomo says:

you are a mamzer

FightForUtopia says:

Pepsi got caught. Who knows how many just haven’t been caught yet. The guy who pees in the break room coffee pot would have better luck getting away with it, if he was CEO, wouldn’t he? Well, do we have CEO’s like that? More likely than not.

ohgod247 says:


ohgod247 says:

Some of the psychotic bums I see walking around yelling nonsense at themselves and other people for no reason where I live, I bet if they smoke some weed they wouldn’t be cured.

SuperMustseetv says:

i fucking hope its a joke but even if it was its in bad taste!!!! excuse the pun……..

jsnunya says:

citation(s) needed. lol

FriggFrog says:

The words “immigration”, “tolerance” and “assimilation” are being used to PROMOTE a program of geNOcide against White children.

According to International Law, open borders, FORCED integration, and assimilation is GENOCIDE.
Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.
Then they call it “multiculturalism”
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

john galt says:

do you swallow after sucking govt dick or spit it out?

MusicLovingFool1 says:

WHAT A LIAR! Someone cut off his fingers for lying in text. Lol…What a jerk!!!

Gator Mcluski says:

You are so fucking retarded everything you just stated is literally the opposite. Ass backwards joke.

Gator Mcluski says:

STFU you piece of toilet excrement…..all you do is troll around and run your mouth against people who don’t agree with Obama’s policies. You’re one of those weirdo Obama worshipping pukes. Go slide back into the toilet you came out of.

MyHusbandMJ says:

Hehehehehe lol how funny hehehehehehe lol Go pray to your GOD the DEVIL ! Ooh I have a heart here take this Glass of ice water you’ll need it with the GOD you love !

MrGottabefree says:

screw em…. we the people have been arming for yrs. i really wished we could go ahead and get it on. gettn tired of worrying about it.

538brandon says:

Can you stop being overly sarcastic Alex? We understand that you’re fighting the globalist, but you block a genuine, informative disscussion with a caller with your sarcasm.

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