Caller posing as CRA agent boasts about scam

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‘He was just trying to brag,’ says Toronto officer who went after Canada Revenue Agency scammer
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Catherine Hopper says:

I got a cra scam but they are still calling me. here is the number that came up,1 305 224 1726. this area code is from Florida USA so don't fall for it.

Cyler Sullivan says:

And people still deny that religion is used as an excuse to justify evil.

Harold Bullock says:

You are a hero. I'm sure you are keeping at least some people from being robbed. In my books, some is better than nothing.

Moto CA (Spiritus Diaboli) says:

The reason why the word "parasites" exists.

Éric Thériault from Montréal says:

looks chocolate to me :(

Robin Seagrave says:

To sum it up this is result of the Harper government making contracts with companies from the states to take care of our personal information when it comes Revenue Canada PS Harper government contracted out our private information for CRA to be taken care of in the us

CanadianMike100 says:

Marketplace did an investigation recently about these scams. Many of these boiler rooms are in Pakistan.

Robin Seagrave says:

This is highly likely a result of Stephen Harper allowing Canadian personal information to be contracted by private companies in the USA. They have all access to each and every Canadians personal info. Hmmmmmmm???? Why do we give our jobs away and more over…PRIVACY!!!

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