California Estate Planning vs. California Elder Law

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This video from 2015 is of Randall F. Kaiden, Esq., during an Estate Planning Elder Law Seminar at Friendly Valley in Santa Clarita, California.

Discussed here are current trusts and estates issues, such as:
What’s the difference between California Elder Law and California Estate Planning? Why couples who created a trust more than three years ago, ought to have their trust reviewed and possibly changed to a more simple structure? How to get rid of complicated AB Bypass Trusts that most people don’t need anymore? What are the new estate tax portability rules and why is a step-up in tax basis for capital gains purposes so important? How do people access government benefits with irrevocable trusts? What’s the difference between Medicare, Medicaid, and Medi-Cal? What are the recent changes in Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) and VA Pension Aid and Attendance benefits? How to set up an asset protection trust? What is a Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trust? What is a Veterans Asset Protection Trust? How do people give away assets to an irrevocable trust, but still retain control? What are Trust Protectors and private professional fiduciaries? What are the different types of powers of attorney and why does it matter? How exactly are will and trust contests more likely when an attorney is not used? How an attorney drafted estate plan creates a witness as to your intentions and is much harder to break? Why your loved one might need a Special Needs Trust? What is the real cost of a California Living Trust and California Estate Planning? And much more…

Randall F. Kaiden, founding attorney at Valley Elder Law (and The Trust Store-our online portal), was born and raised in Los Angeles. In 1998, he began working in tax, estate planning, probate law, Medi-Cal Planning, & Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits. He is VA Accredited to represent claimants before the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. He is a member of Elder Counsel, Wealth Counsel and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. He is the current Vice-President of the So. Cal. Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (2015-2016). His practice is elder-centered, helping people respond to the challenges associated with chronic illness or disability as well as focusing on asset preservation, probate avoidance, tax reduction, trusts and estates.

Attorney: Randall Kaiden, Esq.

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