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California Estate Planning – Why use us.. My name is Richard Seff. I am a California Estate Planning attorney, in Calabasas CA,…


MichaelBurtonful says:

Info on protecting your beneficiaries.

J. Benton Charles says:

Best Estate Planning video I have ever seen. He says it all.

Cynthia Lundeen says:

Great informative video

Robert D. Jones says:

Cant wait to see his other videos on California estate Planning.

Wright Adrienne says:

I got more informed on How to Protect Assets from Unforeseen Creditors

Jackson20122 says:

This guy knows his stuff on Estate planning.long Video but lots of good

Allan Henry says:

Wow, I got some help.. how to eliminate costly legal expenses by taking the
time to designate a guardian and trustee

Kerry Burger says:

Great info on estate planning in California. Easy to understand, and

SuperJosephine2012 says:

Not complicated like other Lawyer “mombo jombo”

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