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The DNS and nameservers “appear” to have kicked in. This means that my “planned” migration from the June upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to the new Dedicated Server plan August 1, 2007 .. has finally been made.

I say “appear” because I still do not know for sure. All my reference sites that identify the IP of the address of, say .. THIS blog for instance .. show up as the IP of the old server. Yet, if you can see a message at the top of this post proves that it is on the dedicated server, because it was added only to the dedicated server’s version of the template.

My new host provider’s migration team seems to only like to migrate accounts during the middle of the night, and when they migrated everything – they forgot to migrate my PETLVR domain and it’s blog and all it’s files. That was 2 days ago. I found out about it and informed of this, and they were supposed to do it 1 day ago. It’s a big domain and takes time, true … but as of this morning, there is no “petlvr” account on my new dedicated server.

And, because the nameservers and DNS redirection has kicked in .. the site is unavailable until it gets copied over and restored which (who knows for sure) is up to my host provider’s migration team. Fortunately, most of my spam goes to my main email hart (at) petlvr (dot) com .. so, I get another few days of spam-free emails.

So, if any of my PETLVR readers are reading this .. I apologize for any inconveniences, and am trying to get that site up and working as soon as possible


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