Budget Binder | Financial Planning in a Paper Planner

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Dave Ramsey:

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Jo Johnson says:

I am trying to find a good budget plan ideas, and your is amazing. I use to use an envelope type planning,and that worked out really well for me. Where did you purchase the envelopes? I think you mentioned it but forgot. FYI i took notes lol.

May O'Connell says:

Wow..I stumbled across this video last week and have been reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. I created a finance planner based on your video and Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps. I am so excited and I actually have a plan to get out of debt in two years. I am so excited! Thank you for posting this video!

Planners and more by Alicia says:

Great video. I love this video Great information on financial planning

KSJ says:

Great video. I have the Little Red Papers envelopes and really like them. Your inserts are great too. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy Schafer says:

How many planners do you use?

Shelly Marsh says:

I went to go order my envelopes and Little Red Paper is gone. The link you posted is not going anywhere. What happened?!

Shelly Marsh says:

My husband and I use Financial Peace as well and we are knocking out debt! I'm so excited for these inserts and stickers and can't wait to order with the coupon code! Thanks so much for making this video! It's so helpful, just like all your other videos! I just love seeing when you have new content up, I come and watch as soon as I can. PS. I'm also a mitten girl and a Jesus lover! ???

Portrait of a Budgeting Planner Girl says:

I love it when I find another planner girl who is also a Dave Ramsey fan and budgeter! Great video, TFS.

Alyse Plan About It says:

Hello! I have posted comments before, but have switched to my planning youtube exclusively now. 🙂 I tried to delete all my old data, and I think my comments may have gone with it. :O

But I found myself setting up my own budget section in my personal planner this afternoon, using lots of tips you mentioned… And I'm wondering… how do your online purchases work with your envelope budgeting system? My husband and I budget using only three envelopes: My allowance, his allowance, and the house's allowance. It's just easier that way as our overages were always on personal things, and not groceries, etc.

But I buy so much stuff online, so I'm curious if you buy something online, do you take the money out of your envelope and set it aside, do you put it back in the bank or what do you do?

Cattitude & Co. says:

This was super insightful, thanks for posting!

Janet Calderon says:

I'm so glad I found this! Little Red Papers led me here. 🙂 I actually had something like this in mind. It's great to see it done!

readerbabe says:

Doesn't your husband ever go shopping? How do you get his receipts transferred to your expense tracker?

Michelle Fitchett says:

Thank you I found it. I work outside the home I work full time I feel like my home is not as clean as it should be

Joanne Gutierrez says:

I love your video Annie! Thank you so much. You are so inspirational. We have 4 children. My oldest are in college 1st year and my twins in 7th grade. I am a full-time mom and am so tired of being behind financially. I feel like I'm letting my husband down. He feels like hes working for nothing. We never seem to get ahead and when we think we have that little extra the bank takes it for a fee etc. I one of Dave Ramsey's books. His 1st and I will definitely look into it. I want to start using cash! You are a Blessing and keep these videos comming!

Jacquie phelps says:

Very helpful! Thanks

Belinda Prescott says:

Thank you for this, it has motivated me to get back on track. I have followed Dave Ramsey for years, and have tried to apply his plan, and always end up failing. With recent life circumstances, I really need to get serious and pull out his books and financial peace kit again and get on track. I ordered the inserts you are using as I hope they will help me in being 'real' about it all. Thank you again and God bless!

Pamela Chappell says:

I enjoyed your video, as always. Thank you for sharing.

Karen Snethkamp says:

Where are your weekly planner pages from, where you were showing us stickers on.

Karen Snethkamp says:

Are these available for a TN system? No rings.

Jewelrybyjaynelle says:

Great video! I found it very helpful and inspirational.

Debbie Dangler says:

Great video! Couldn't hear the children in the background.

Michelle Fitchett says:

I love this video. Have you done a video on household chores? I am looking for a way to set up my planner on cleaning my house

Lesleyanne Barge says:

Great information on financial planning. Loved your video.

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