Bookkeeping Basics with QuickBooks Online

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Stephen Sans says:

Great video. Thank you.

hack zing says:

you are amazing!

pervez khan says:

nice video i am a big fan of you actually i want to set up my office file in quick book in Afghanistan i am struggling in payroll and payroll liability i have saw your videos on payroll and payroll liability but could not clear my mind can you please guide me in a simple method
such as below
dr cr
ABC salary ….
Overtime ….
Bonus ….
Sick Leave ….
Advance to employees ….
payroll liability
Cash paid from ….. ……
This is the tax law in Afghanistan and the percentage
so please again i am requesting that make payroll for us from down tax law in simple chart of accounts

(Note) The income tax of natural persons shall be the amount calculated in
accordance with the following schedule:

From Afs.0 to Afs.5,000 monthly 0%
From Afs.5,001 to Afs.12,500 2%
From Afs. 12,501 to Afs. 100,000 10% + Afs. 150 fixed amount
From Afs. 100,000 and above 20% + Afs.8,900 fixed amount.


Francisco De La Cruz says:

I appreciate you making this video. It gave me a better understanding on how Quickbooks Online works. Are you a Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor? If yes or not, is it difficult to be?

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