Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks Job Description

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Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks job description


aprbookkeeping says:

take a look at its definition and provide some background information on the matter. Bookkeepers have responsibilities,some so called bookkeeping professionals simply do not know what they are doing creating devastating consequences. legislation has changed with government recognising part of the alarming rate of insolvencies especially in Australia is due to information being processed and passed on by incompetent, misinformed and inadequate bookkeepers.

blackoil911 says:


hey i am curious , is bookeeping a decent job for someone who really came from a poor background

is bookkeeping considered a decent job for average people who arent like super smart?

vedant5 says:

Rule the tube 2010 — CAuse you CA
Paste and watch this video, you will want to become an accountant

Nelson says:

Sites looking rellay nice, love the style and image in your header.Accounting is a very interesting Business to be in, In the UK we have companies like along with many more of course. Its so difficult to know who to go with and choose as each different company offers many different things. Good luck with the site and businessPhil

Vikas says:

Your solution is very initigurng and is partially what we are looking to for. We would like to send product attribute updates (selected ones) to customers who currently have that particular product on order, but not yet shipped (ie backordered status). How can we tie your system into a system that sends emails to customers and logs them in their order comment history? Do you know of such an extension of functionality within Magento? If not, is there code we can add that can do this?

Scrapsies says:

HEH my comment was a year ago! I was researching to see what degree I should do at uni. I ended up choosing B. Engineering and B. Economics. People I knew at uni said accounting was tedious/number crunching. I’m glad I did economics, I believe you come out thinking a lot broader. There are many applications of economics in our daily lives (which is a plus).
But mind you, I have no idea what accounting is like as a JOB, I just know what it’s like from a studying perspective.

HollyWoodStar2000 says:

Iknow right, i’m tired of them showing these old videos, I wanna see how accounting is now days,

flame2k says:

You’re right… accounting classes are hard, so try to get a part-time job or intern doing basic accounting. It helps you to think like an accountant.

Scrapsies says:

What’s with these old videos. I want to know what accounting is like nowadays =.=!!

SeikoPsycho says:

What is your salary? That’s what most suits care about =)

Alin says:

It is very fantastic to read the paper your cotnnet, this individual. And i also will deal with your site regularly and also see your web page to read the paper your brand new articles and reviews, if you improve. Maintain! Hope you have a great time. cheap

Jumaat says:

Wendy,keep lists coming my way. As a new bnieusss owner, I need all the tax tips you can give to keep me straight. It would be great to use social media to keep it all organized. Let me know when you find a solution for all of us busy people 🙂 Nice blog and cheers to a great start.Fondly, Dorien.

Rahmah says:

Hi Quentin.Arch Hill here. Loved the course! Close to fiishinng and I would like more information about the exam. Level 1 or something like that? I’ve emailed twice and received a reply to the first email and then no replies afterward. Could I call someone?Or am I misinformed?Thanks.

Rockynurse says:

Really? Which company are you CFO of? You know I highly doubt you are a CFO because 28 is far to young to be a CFO! LOL Not to mention you don’t act like an executive.

Even if you are a CFO you are a CFO of a VERY VERY SMALL company since all the fortune 500 have older and more experienced CFOs.

Logically it is very unlikely you are a CFO lol.

Rockynurse says:

Accounting is hard man! Have you ever taken a class in accounting?

Bloodsport1 says:


TheRealCaptainCarrot says:

The human species is capable of so much more than this! It’s indecent.

Ranzo u says:

Bahahah you’re a looos….ehehahaha

colgatesmiley says:

Ough working in a cublicle.

Eric says:

Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to brsowe your site on my iphone during lunch break. I really like the info you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .

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