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BOOKKEEPING 101 FOR SMALL BUSINESS (EASY EVEN IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ACCOUNTING) // Do you wonder how to do bookkeeping or how to track business expenses? This video will give you the bookkeeping basics so you will no longer be asking yourself what is bookkeeping. We talk about bookkeeping in a way that is bookkeeping explained easy. In this video, you’ll gain the bookkeeping skills necessary to create your own bookkeeping process.

These bookkeeping tips will help you learn bookkeeping easily even if you don’t know anything about bookkeeping and accounting. At this point you may be wondering what is best bookkeeping vs accounting and that is exactly what you’ll find out in this bookkeeping 101 for small business video. As you gain bookkeeping training in this video, you’ll finally understand your bookkeeping responsibilities and bookkeeping duties.


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FREE TRAINING: How to Get Your Bookkeeping Done In 5 Minutes
If you want more information on bookkeeping how to ‘s and how to apply bookkeeping with excel, check out the bookkeeping course online that teaches you the 5 minute method for tackling bookkeeping for small business. It’s bookkeeping 101 that is nothing like you’ve seen, even in bookkeeping for dummies. It’s time to quit wasting hours doing bookkeeping and start using the five minute method.

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Jill Gockel says:

Thanks for watching! Let me know, what was your favorite tip from this bookkeeping 101 for small business training?

Travis Griffis says:

The title is misleading, it should say listen to me over explain basic theory of bookkeeping (write expenses and income) like you're 4 years old but never deliver content that my title implies. You may know everything about the subject, you may have "courses" that explain this perfectly but when I see a title that says Bookkeeping 101 and you literally explain nothing about how to keep books – for 11 minutes rambling on about the idea of bookkeeping and inviting people to click links…it's a total waste of my time, 11 minutes of my life I'll never get back. There is 0 instruction whatsoever in this video.

Delores LaFontsee says:

Jill, I am not seeing the link for the long list of deductions. Can you direct me further?

Susan Gregory says:

Wow! Love how you've explained everything so clearly! POOOOFFFF! The scary mystery of bookkeeping is gone. Thanks so much!! I'm following!

Katie and Linda - A Digital Education says:

This is so important for anyone.. great info! I've been a bookkeeper for years… like 37 yrs!…

YJP Studio says:

sometimes the simplest thing is one of the hardest things to do~ thanks for the tip

Melanie Johnson says:

Hi Jill! I'm subscribed! Hoping to pick up a few things that I didn't know and make things easier for my business and life.

Jennifer Brick says:

TBH I've been avoiding my books because it seemed complex. This video was really helpful!

Jenna Michaud-Bonyadi says:

great advice! I manage the books for our two businesses and already learned something new after working with a professional bookkeeper and our CPA for years. That one week rule! Nobody ever told me that. Wow.

All In Wellness says:

Congrats on your new channel!! I'm here from YT4B!! You go girl!

Theresa Conway-Hayes says:

I watched this with interest. I’m a bookkeeper with over 20 years in the industry. Back up documentation is super important. If I weren’t using accounting software, Google sheets or the green columnar ledger books would be my next choice. Remember though that when using accounting software, debits and credits should be thought through differently than when considering them in your checkbook register.

Oswald Digestive Clinic says:

Thanks for making this video Jill! I'm excited to follow you 🙂

Lindsay Guichard says:

Wow! Great info. Heading back to document weekly expenses from when I launched my online private practice…a week ago!
This video could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you!👏💕

The Cocktail Academy with Rochelle says:

Love how direct and to the point this is! Looking forward to your future content 🙂

DedicatedHosting4u says:

This is a great and helpful video. I found it informative and bookmark to see later again. Keep it up!
Thanks for sharing.

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