Bookkeeping 101

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This one is an oldie, but a goodie. We’ve had this video in past versions of QuickBooks for Mac. It’s a little dated in the look and feel, but still has some great information. If you’re brand new to running your business with QuickBooks, it’s a good intro to some basic concepts. In this video, Tom Dorr of the Small Business Development Center uses the example of the Avenue Bread and Deli to show you the basics of bookkeeping for your business.

[Editor’s note: I edited out the long intro to get right to the heart of the video. You don’t miss much, just an introduction to Wendy and her bakery. But you’ll hear Tom talk about them so I didn’t want you thinking, “What’s he talking about? Who is Wendy?”]


Issah Abubakari says:

Your videos are much educative. God bless you.

Chris Ledet says:

think you for making things clear

Fatai Ayeloja says:

Thank you very much for this very simple to understand tutorial

Aristechius Karumuna says:

why is income separated from assets, while accounts receivable is included in assets ?

zonke bella Mkhomazi says:

Please suggest a simple accounting book keeping application I can use please

Indio Freespirit says:

your video is way better… gosh these people assume we know all those terms

quanda quanda says:

love it make it simple im in bookkeeping my self and payroll ..thanks

jonash panas says:

it's really informative for startups. nice vid

jonash panas says:

it's really informative for startups. nice vid

Crazy Frugal Woman says:

Very easy to understand. I suggest speeding up video to 1.25

Blessing Madueke says:

I think am enjoying the teachings

anafa david Mudi says:

hope this will help me understand how to apply book keeping to my small business

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