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Hey all, Hoax goes international today. Got ahold of these fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scammers and went for some good old-fashioned spam bombardment. They stopped answering for a while after the onslaught, and the number was down when I tried the next day, blast. Enjoy!

The scam: An agent claiming to be from the CRA will call and threaten you with jail or court charges for unpaid taxes. The scammer will attempt to get you to send money immediately through wire transfer or a prepaid card to clear the charges. Absolute scam, the CRA does not operate this way. If you encounter this type of call, troll them mercilessly, then report the number.

More about the scam here:

More information on protecting yourself here:

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Outro song: ‘Pisco Sour’ – Gunnar Olsen –

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This is the fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam. Scam the scammers!


oͬ̽̔ Calvin Somethin Ouwens says:

"we thought that you are a nice person to talk with"

"ok lets talk right now then"

"oh i dont have time to talk with assholes"

oh plz make up your goddamn mind scammers

UFCMania155 says:

What's their number???

UFCMania155 says:


xxxRampage1xxx says:

Lol awesome hey look through my blog on LinkedIn see if you can find any scammers ( Need a million dollar loan or know someone who needs one for their business ) I have deleted a few but there's no shortage of people trying to take advantage of other people. if you find any make sure to contact me so I can delete them.

UnsellingPlayzzz says:

Please do this again where u keep spamming their phone lines, less people could get scammed cus they cant get through :)

Jammer Aj (Ashley swift) says:

those 0 dislikes are from those scammers.

Tina Pastor says:

OH my gosh!!! I LOVE IT!!! Are you ready to bleepbleepbleeeep? and she says Oh yeah!!! YOU are AWESOME!

Mike “M0N5T3RH17M4N” Wright says:

its 3 am and i seriously almost cried. hahahah

First Sun says:

But you don't know who he is! Bet that got ya shaking in your boots.

Gdayguy Matt says:

Lol he's gonna show you his small dick. That guy got gay quick.

FakeObama says:

I think Hoax Hotel is slowly learning scammers' languages by making these calls.

The Hood Ender Dash says:

You should act like a scammer when a scammer calls you.

John Smith says:

Not this CRA scam, but been a nightmare to the windows teck support scammers.

jim jimjim says:

What's the music you use at the end of each video?

frauleinmona says:

I wish I could have been talking to that shitball and told him, "If you show me your dick, I'll chew it OFF!! MWUHAHAHAHA!!!! Sick, I know. And pretty damn revolting. But then again, so are they. They want to be vulgar. I'll be 10 times as vulgar. >: D

NirvanaKC001 says:

2:46 That's just fucking perfect.

mightykamina2009 says:

Are all of the scammers gay or something? All the threats the men have ever given Hoax Hotel in almost all of his videos is raping HIM or offering to pull out their dicks for him to suck.

cmoreno says:

o I can't wait when this becomes a hit channel

Tom Norris says:

These videos are horrible for my sleep cycle. I cant stop binging them

Mandy Scott says:

The absurd names they use always crack me up. They obviously use the most American sounding ones from movies and TV. I got called once by a John Kimble. I kept dropping Kindergarten Cop quotes throughout my conversation with him.

Akii Akii says:

I love you!!! Keep them coming!

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