Blog Tipping Day – June 1, 2006

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Easton Ellsworth first came up with the concept of Blogtipping and we’re trying to get this into a viral internet phenomenom … to be repeated on the 1st of every month … Yes .. I know it’s June 2, 2006 and I’m late – again.

As Easton said

If you feel the Spirit of Blogtipping stirring your soul, join us on June 1st by sneaking up on a few blogs and offering them three compliments and one thoughtful suggestion each. (Or adapt according to your own preferences).

I would like to participate in this project, despite that I am a day late. In all fairness, it’s not easy to BlogTip just on one day a month, and only limit your picks to three .. because there are so many blogs out there that deserve a tip. My first three picks are ones that come directly out of my Bloglines, who I see all of the time around the internet, and I probably commented on their blogs, or them on mine, or both of us on other people’s blogs .. well .. here goes!

1. Andy Merritt

Here are my three compliments:

* For the Blue Fish Network. Andy pretty much started his own network of blogs about the same time that I created the HART-Empire Network, except he’s doing it right! It’s not a Blog Network .. but rather a Network of Blogs. There is another network of blogs out there starting with a number 9, but I am not tipping them today.

* For putting it online .. Good Luck! I hope you get the gig and keep us informed of your work in progress!

* For putting it out there too .. and setting a deadline to becoming a full-time Problogger by January 1, 2007. I’m just looking to pay for a vacation for myself and my spouse! What a motivator that Andy is … 😀

Here is some constructive criticism:

* Can you create some RSS Mixes please? Maybe something like what does .. It’s nice to browse the homepage to see all of the feeds, but, I need to see them in my Bloglines! Maybe a community or channel feed? I know myself when you have so many feeds added to your Bloglines .. you often just click the title of the feed to clear it. It would be nice to read a group of related articles and this way, I’d be sure to browse all of the sites in the network.

2. Duncan Riley

Here are my three compliments:

* For the unique way of looking at things that are interesting to you, and make it interesting for everybody else. I first started to read the Blog Herald because you were either mocking or analyzing the Canadian Political Scene from an outsider point of view (reader since March 2005). As I got into blogging May 31, 2005 .. I started with about a dozen “bookmarked” sites (because I was just learning about about RSS at that time) .. all of them having the word BLOG in its title, and you were one of them 🙂

* For when I read everyday in my Bloglines, and I often think that the finally had a facelift. It really does show that you know! (sorry Matt). Every post you write seems to be a ‘scoop’ or at least, not some regurgitation you see around the internet these days.

* For just being part of and getting that to what it is today and could be tomorrow. You make a good mix of the Corporation .. Jeremy with his marketing, Darren with his Biz Savvy, Shai for her connections, and you for your looks. hehe, just kidding! But seriously, I was watching you and Darren’s ‘network’ your skill and promotion (artificially?) of the b5media network and the new sites and I gave notice to its results. Actually .. that’s one of the reason I really created HART-Empire Network on October 16, 2005

Here is some constructive criticism

* BlogTip: You need better navigation and the design is not Internet Explorer friendly. The link to the ‘home’ start page for your site is inconspicuous in the middle column, where it should be linked with the master graphic (i.m.o.) or in the top left side where the b5 media logo is. Actually, I never liked the Blog Studio designs of the network blogs, because they do not always work with Internet Explorer. I don’t know, I think I would much prefer to see each of the principle’s sites as different and unique as each other, versus being part of the group template used on the rest of the ‘Inventory of Blogs’. If you need a redesign, the Corp. should pay for it!

3. John Evans

Here are my three compliments:

* For starting Syntagma Media about the same time I started HART-Empire Network. Relinquishing his other commitments as a blogger for a competing network and going full time on his own. John has gone through a different path, by owning all the blogs in his “Blog Network” and even hiring bloggers to write and/or join in participation of its eventual success. I see myself expanding in some way, in a line similar with the way John has conducted his business, if I ever get enough free time or win the lottery and I can retire from my day job!

* I like the bold titles and graphics of every site in the network (just look in the sidebar!). While at first, I must admit, they looked like examples of an elementary Adobe Photoshop 101 evening Night Course examples .. 😀 – after there were two similar graphics – they suddenly became a theme to me – and made sense!

* For adding unique papparazi entertainment blogs. I was never a fan of sites that have Vista or Microsoft or MSN or Apple or anything like that in its title, (except as results from search engine searches). There are only so many actors and actresses that we can watch on the mainstream ‘blogger’ sites … you know the ones .. Micha, KitKat, Paris, and other celebrity blogs .. before getting sick of them! Oh, how fun is it to watch the boring lives of the Monarchy! or read about Aristocracy Anecdotes! or even Royal Anecdotes! or even learn to write PS: If you are looking for a blogging gig, and is an avid Sailor .. check out the Sailing School

Here is some constructive criticism:

* I sure wish that if you click on the masthead graphic of every site, that you default to the root / “home” URL address of the blog. C’mon John! It’s nice to get a good bearing once in a while, to see what else is happening. I do this a lot in my Bloglines. I scan and often just read the posts in my Bloglines, but if I am going to click on a URL – I want to see the whole picture! I want to look around! I want to click “home” and browse a little. Also, I like to browse the sidebars. I generally start reading the main site, Syntagma Media .. and like the sidebar of pictures of each site. That’s unique! I know all of the sites are listed in the sidebar, but the graphics are only on the main site. I think that is a mistake and should be placed around every site – so it’s easier for me to surf the network! Besides, there is lots of whitespace down the sidebar in practically every site!

Hope you like my BlogTipping for June 2006. And, as you can see, they were more or less geared towards one slant – owners of other blog networks. I hope they don’t mind my little criticisms and take it in the spirit of BlogTipping!

Do you know of any blog that you want to just follow the blogtipping? Check out EASTON’s instructions … it’s easy as 1-2-3 ..

1. Pick 3 blogs you like
2. Give them 3 compliments each
3. Give them 1 constructive tip or advice for their blog


Andy Merrett says:

Hey HART, thanks for the heads up.

Re your CC – yes it’s noted. It’s on the to-do list. At the moment there aren’t enough hours in the day to sort it out. I’ve been messing with code in order to try and get this sorted out.

It’s a high priority but as it’s a one-off project not ongoing maintenance or writing, it needs special time dedicated to it.

Rest assured, the deadline for completing at least a part of that is BEFORE my ProBlogger deadline 🙂

HART says:

Hi Andy! I’m sure you will get everything done and be a great success .. I’m just trying to figure out ways to reduce the number of RSS feeds in my Bloglines .. I’m back up over 1300 now, with some searches etc // Take care!

Andy Merrett says:

Heh I know the feeling. I’ll do what I can to get some channel / subject RSS mixes going soon.

Awesome job, HART! This is what blogtipping was meant for – giving others a nudge. And now I’m more aware of some of the great blogs and bloggers out there.

HART says:

Hi Easton .. thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, this is not a fad, but a continuing venture. I noticed that Tim Stay placed some links to blogs that “tipped” this month .. You should setup a massive tag script and have them all listed somewhere! This way, for SURE we’ll all become more aware of the great blogs out there. I’m not sure if that can be done, but I’ve added the tag “blogtipping” to my post (if that helps)

Wow! I’m a star 🙂 Thanks a bunch, HART, you’ve made my day.

As for your critique, yes, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a link back to base in a 788 x 206 jpeg sitting in an image file in wordpress. however, if you scroll down from the single page, past the comments block, you’ll see a link to “Main Page” or “Home” at the top of the footer of all the blogs. A bit small, I know, but it’s the only escape route 😉

I started with a full Monty of graphic links on all the blogs, but it became wearisome to upload all those graphics each time I set up a new blog. Only Syntagma gives you a fireworks display before you read a word.

Thanks again, and best wishes for your own projects. I’d like to take part in Easton’s idea too, but I’m creaking under my workload at present and need a few more bloggers.

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